VOXOX Announces a Partnership with GTS Africa

VOXOX has announced a partnership with GTS Africa to integrate VOXOX’s services and enable better virtual voice and SMS solutions.

VOXOX, a leading 5G-enabled AI cloud communications company in the U.S, has announced a strategic partnership with GTS Africa, a leading French value-added communications network operator doing business in Cameroon and Nigeria. This partnership will integrate VOXOX’s full platform of services to empower GTS Africa to offer virtual voice and SMS solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs. This will begin in Cameroon and then throughout the world, specifically in France where they can establish local call interactions with customers at a much more affordable price.

VOXOX, which processes billions of calls and texts monthly, will be working with GTS to integrate the VoxDirect all-in-one cloud communications platform, with their local virtual business numbers under the Mobinawa brand to reach the underserved very small enterprises that so desperately need more reliable and suitable business communications tools at affordable pricing.

“We’re excited to establish this long-term partnership with GTS Africa as a pioneer of Telecom VAS in Africa. The continent of Africa has millions of underserved SMEs who need these services and we are honored to partner with GTS Africa to offer businesses a simple, convenient and economical way to modernize their business phone communications.”

Cleve Adams, Chief Executive Officer, VOXOX

The VOXOX solution for the GTS Mobinawa brand will help small businesses stay connected with their customers and enhance communications. This partnership will allow SMEs to turn any smartphone or group of smartphones into a virtual cloud-based phone system with unlimited virtual receptionists, intelligent call routing, unlimited employee extensions, custom greetings, virtual phone numbers, voicemail transcriptions, call recording, and a robust AI-supported SMS marketing platform with automation.

“We are thrilled to work with VOXOX to further accelerate our mission to enable small businesses in French-speaking Africa countries to professionalize and improve their Voice and SMS communication with customers on ID business numbers at an affordable price, instead of being obliged to use personal mobile numbers. Therefore, we are happy to launch the Mobinawa solution with GTS numbers in Cameroon. This innovative solution will also allow Professionals in the Diaspora to acquire a local virtual number to maintain permanent contact and at a lower cost with their customers.”

Pierre-François Kamanou, Chief Executive Officer, GTS Africa

VOXOX international partnerships like GTS Africa are hosted from U.S. data centers to ensure reliability and support of the local billing in countries like Cameroon through a merchant payment gateway integration. GTS Africa’s Mobinawa will leverage VOXOX’s patent-pending breakthrough VoIP codec, for crystal clear voice quality in poor bandwidth conditions. This is of extreme importance particularly in suburban and rural areas where internet connectivity and quality are less developed.

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