Telkom on Course of Recovery After South African Violence

In the wake of the violence erupted in South Africa, Telkom had faced tremendous impact, but they have been on a course of recovery.

Although the financial impact of the destruction to property and disruption of Telkom operations, suppliers and business partners is still being collated, Telkom is on course with recovery of operations impacted by the mass action in the past week.

Telkom employees have been working under lockdown level 5 conditions. Our risk assessment has helped us to reduce the level of exposure of Telkom employees by limiting certain activities such as the despatching of technicians and closing of Telkom stores. We are working to support employees in the worst affected areas to enable them to cope with the impact of the disruption where necessary.

Telkom prioritises the integrity of the network and has continued with network operations where it was safe to do so. In order to protect employees, technicians have not been despatched to certain areas and we continue to monitor the situation to ensure employee safety. This has resulted in an increase in the number of incidents and length of time that we are attending to incidents and the total number of incidents to be attended.

Warehousing and Distribution
The incident at the Durban harbour and damages to certain warehouses, including the BCX warehouse is likely to negatively impact delivery times of hardware. We request patience as we manage the impact of these incidents on the supply chain. In addition, we are working with our distribution partners to enable us to continue to meet our commitments where it is safe to do so.

Telkom is in the process of rehabilitating affected stores. Where the risk remains high, the stores will remain closed and customers are directed to alternative channels as a number of other retailers, who offer distribution of our products are also closed.

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