Etisalat Joins Ericsson’s Startup 5G Program

Etisalat has joined Ericsson’s Startup 5G program to enable the usage of 5G technologies to create business opportunities in the market.

Etisalat has joined Ericsson’s Startup 5G program designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) successfully accelerate the commercialization and monetization of 5G by introducing them to the right consumer innovation partners. The program seeks to encourage innovation transfer around 5G technologies between startups and Etisalat to mutually create new business opportunities in the market.

As part of Ericsson Startup 5G, Etisalat will receive access to a curated list of companies that develop scalable services, devices, and applications over 5G. By bundling and offering innovative apps and digital services, Etisalat can differentiate the customer experience over 5G, ultimately changing the usage behavior and demand for enhanced mobile broadband connectivity.

The program hosts a variety of innovative companies from across the world and is continuously expanding. Startup 5G helps member startups to evolve their business by connecting them with communications service providers around the world, providing exposure in major technology events, and sharing Ericsson’s technological and strategic expertise. The program also offers the participating startups to connect with the consumer market using ConsumerLab’ s expertise to validate their 5G services and concepts and grow.

The new collaboration further strengthens the partnership between Ericsson and Etisalat, with the companies working together to research and develop new 5G consumer offerings such as augmented and virtual reality, digital education, e-sports, and other immersive media applications.

“5G has the capability to enable new experiences and use cases that are critical for the new digital normal and were impossible prior to 5G, be it for consumers or businesses. This will remotely enable opportunities within education, health, factories, ports, and entertainment. Ericsson’s Startup 5G program is a great platform that will amplify the use of these futuristic services, target new opportunities, and implement 5G use cases across verticals. This collaboration will give us the opportunity to introduce new partners and offerings to customers in the UAE as we continue to work to provide unparalleled 5G services.”

Khaled Elkhouly, Chief Consumer Officer, Etisalat

“We are really looking forward to working closely with Etisalat to co-create and test applications enhanced by 5G. With access to 22 global startups which is expected to grow to more than 40 by  end of the year, the program offers Etisalat a unique opportunity to not only leverage actionable consumer insights but also connect with innovation partners to emerge as a frontrunner in their markets.”

Jasmeet Sethi, Head of ConsumerLab, Ericsson Research

“We’re excited to have Etisalat on board for our Startup 5G program. 4G created the foundation for the App Economy that has transformed our societies beyond recognition. 5G is poised to continue and extend this transformation. Our global industry knowledge and expertise position us to act as matchmakers in the 5G ecosystem, introducing communication service providers to products and services ready to launch on a mass scale. We are using our extensive consumer research to identify the startups with the highest potential for success and are glad to have Etisalat on this journey with us.”

Ekow Nelson, Vice President and Head of Global Customer Unit. Etisalat and Pakistan, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

The Ericsson Startup 5G concept was first initiated in November 2019, as 5G launches were happening for the first time all over the world, but the vast majority of these were focused solely on connectivity, rather than the many consumer use cases that 5G enables. Ericsson recently released the largest global 5G consumer study to date – Five ways to a better 5G – revealed that 80 percent of 5G early adopters in UAE expect new innovative apps and services to be made available over 5G and are even willing to pay 20-30 percent higher for it. According to the June 2021 edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report by the end of 2026, 5G will account for 73 percent of all mobile subscriptions in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. By diversifying and evolving their offerings,  communication service providers in the region could capture USD 200 billion in 5G consumer revenues between now and 2030.

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