SLA Digital Announces a Partnership with Etisalat UAE

SLA Digital has announced that Etisalat UAE is going to be their mobile operator partner for their carrier billing.

SLA Digital has announced Etisalat UAE, one of the world’s leading telecom groups in emerging markets, as one of their mobile operator partners for carrier billing.

SLA Digital is connected to Etisalat for carrier billing, offering new and existing global content partners easy access to new customers through the convenient mobile payment option. Etisalat’s customers in UAE can access more digital content with the option to charge purchases directly to their mobile phone bill or by using their prepaid credit.

“Etisalat is an innovative partner and we are pleased to officially announce our partnership with the mobile operator. The carrier billing market in UAE has enormous potential for any content partners looking for a seamless and secure payment option for their customers and an additional revenue stream for their business.”

Kevin Drayne, Chief Executive Officer, SLA Digital

SLA Digital will continue to roll out new services with Etisalat UAE through subscriptions, one-off payments, and in-app purchases with carrier billing.

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