Hormuud Telecom All Set to Expand its 4G Phone Network in Somalia

Hormuud Telecom has annouced its plans to extend its 4G phone network. This comes in line with its plans to provide national coverage by 2023.

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Hormuud Telecom, the largest telecommunications services provider in Somalia, in their aim to provide nationwide coverage by 2023 has plans to extend its 4G phone network.

“We’re delighted to today announce Hormuud’s ambition to bring broadband speed, 4G data, to every Somali citizen over the next two years. We are proud to have long played a leading role in bringing Somalis online. Increasing access to 4G internet is critical to ensuring Somalia achieves its goal of becoming a cashless economy. Access to high-speed data is now a human right. It’s a foundational requirement to developing nations in order to provide vital services such as aid and international remittances, as well as underpinning day-to-day business activity.”

Ahmed Mohamud Yuusuf, Chief Executive Officer, Hormuud Telecom

Hormuud and its aim for 4G expansion are in line with the Somalia government’s commitments to reach a total of 4G coverage between 2024 – 2025.

The 4G network is fundamental to Hormuud’s ambitions in order to provide a sustained, inclusive, and sustainable growth for Somalia.

“Improving access to highspeed networks is vital to improving the lives of millions of Somalis. We are working hard with Hormuud to ensure that access to 4G is not something that only those in metropolitan areas enjoy, but that all Somalis can benefit from. It’s encouraging to see telecom operators in Somalia taking leadership roles to fulfill the guidelines of the National ICT Policy. The continued 4G expansion shows that the country is on track to meet its network expansion targets, providing the essential services our citizens need.”

Abdi Sheikh Ahmed, Somali Minister for Post, Telecom and Technology

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