Telecoming to Reinforce Better Digital Education for Kids

Telecoming has developed a multi-language feature in all its services addressed to the children in their African market.

Telecoming, an international monetization tech company, has developed an innovative multi-language feature in all its services addressed to kids in the African market. The new multi-language technology reinforces Telecoming’s digital edutainment commitment and will be available for more than 1,000 multimedia contents.

The new player allows for shifting languages while users are playing a video; During school holidays, children will continue learning languages while having fun; All services have the KidSafe Seal that guarantees safely online learning for African children.

Technically, the new feature is a player adapted to select different languages. When users are watching a video, they can shift the language at any moment, instantly. This development fosters a better learning experience while playing and consolidates the company’s SVOD platform in the African digital edutainment industry. Children will be able to change the audio of the most popular characters, at any time and from any device.

All Telecoming services adding this option have the ‘KidSafe Seal’. It is an independent safety certification designed for children-friendly sites that covers online game sites, educational services, mobile apps, tablet devices, and other similar online and interactive services. This way, during their summer holidays, African children will be able to continue safely learning with Telecoming contents in the language of their choice.

“This innovative functionality enables us to offer large-scale, impactful educational content among children in the African market. Our edutainment offer already has a remarkable uptake, favouring diversity and multicultural immersion at the same time. In addition, we guarantee parents a safe digital environment for their children.”

David Murillo, Product Director, Telecoming

The new technological development is another step in a growing and extraordinarily dynamic digital market such as the African one, where Telecoming monetizes digital content since 2015 in partnership with the main mobile operators and the best local content producers.

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