Paratus to Roll Out a Data Center in Zambia

Paratus, one of the leading telecom service providers in Africa is all set to launch their data center in Zambia.

The Paratus Group is about to open its state-of-the-art data center in Lusaka, Zambia.  

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the pace of reliance upon unlimited and quality internet connections.  DT Global, referring to the 2020 World Bank study of 10 000 enterprises, including micro, small, and medium-sized businesses in 51 emerging and developing economies, states that ‘around half of private firms had significantly ramped up their use of the internet to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.’ With this increased shift to working in the digital data space, business data security is compromised, and this is why shifting to an off-site data center is the safest solution when safeguarding company information.

As the African digital economy develops, so does Paratus Group’s strategy by adapting to the needs of its customers. With more users reliant on internet-based technologies and more companies working remotely; the need for safe storage and access is increasing.  

“Paratus has always been ahead of the technology curve with our projects and client product offerings. Our data center rollout is just the next phase in supplying customers with the best possible services. When Covid first hit our continent, we had already put services in place to meet their changing needs, so they could always confidently connect and access their data securely. With two operational data centers in Angola and the upcoming launch of our latest data center in Zambia, we have the experience to offer services to businesses and multi-nationals in the region, giving them access to the latest best technology and 24/7 security.”

Barney Harmse, Group Chief Executive Officer, Paratus

The Paratus data center in Angola has been in operation since 2019. 

“We have been running a well-equipped data center for the past two years. During this time, we have been able to identify, discuss and fix issues; introduce new products; measure our performance; audit our customers, and be able to offer everything businesses need to run an entirely secure off-site business.”

Flavio Bressan, Director of Marketing, Angola

The data center in Zambia is due to open this month.  It will be the most advanced DC in the country, and MD of Paratus Zambia, 

“We have really pushed the boundaries for this DC, and we have ticked every box of requirements and assurances. We will store and protect client data 24/7; house and physically protect all equipment and computer systems; handle the off-site migration; and offer an array of add-on services and features.” 

Marius Van Vuuren, Country Manager, Paratus Zambia

Paratus Group will also soon open a data center in Namibia. MD of Paratus Namibia. 

“Such is the demand that, despite being in the construction stages, we have already signed up a large number of tenants. This is testament to their confidence in Paratus providing them with total data security.”

Andrew Hall, Managing Director, Paratus

The data center in Namibia will be Tier 3 by design and will incorporate green building design elements, to reduce environmental impact. With the digital economy on fast-track, the need for better virtual security is of utmost importance. Paratus Group is ahead of the curve and able to unlimit potential for their customers by providing them with the storage, access and ultimate security. 

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