Zain Bahrain Hosts an Employee Wellness Session

Zain Bahrain in a bid to promote employees’ wellness, hosted a session titled, ‘Health, Happiness & High-performance.’

Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications operator in the Kingdom, announced the successful hosting of their latest wellness session titled “Health, Happiness & High-performance” for all the leaders at Zain Bahrain. Designed in collaboration with Dr. Majdi Obaid’s Academy, the program’s framework focuses on three models that will assist Zain Bahrain’s leaders in prioritizing their well-being at work and at home; thus, enabling them to be more effective and efficient while maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

Over the years, Zain Bahrain’s wellness programs have formed an integral part of its human resources strategy to ensure that employees are active, healthy, balanced, and geared towards optimum performance. The latest wellness session was jointly conducted by Dr. Majdi Obaid, a motivational speaker & Certified Leadership Development Trainer and Jehan AlSaegh, a Certified Consultant, Coach, and Trainer for Personal Development in Bahrain.

The wellness session focused on health, happiness, and high-performance, identifying different types of energy that need to be embraced in order to avoid stress and achieve breakthrough results in productivity. The session also provided practical tips and techniques that participants can use to turn impulses into intentional actions. As such, participants are better enabled to achieve happiness through emotional intelligence, giving them better chances to succeed over the long-term. 

“We at Zain Bahrain believe that employee well-being is directly associated with employees’ engagement and motivation as well as their productivity and company performance. Therefore, we are promoting a holistic, proactive, and preventive wellness programs that engage, motivate and support our employees. All employees look forward to working in organizations that take care of them. We have invested significantly in our employees over the years, which has resulted in optimized growth, improved employee experience and performance, coupled with a high level of employee retention. We have also noticed that employees who attend our wellness and training programs feel more connected, that their health is elevated; and consequently, their overall happiness increases.”

Mrs. Dana Bukhammas, Human Resources Director, Zain Bahrain

“With our latest wellness sessions, we at Zain Bahrain aim to raise the bar higher and focus on promoting employee wellness by providing them with enriching experiences and encouraging them to make healthy lifestyle choices.” He further added; “Learning is central to one’s well-being, and Zain Bahrain’s Learning & Development department brings together a unique set of programs that offer employees a fresh, innovative approach to learning, knowledge development, acquiring competencies and developing confidence, enabling them to apply what they have learned in their daily lives.

Mr. Salah Al Kooheji, Learning & Development Manager, Zain Bahrain

Zain Bahrain continues to host several wellness programs for its employees to maintain a healthy work environment to sustain happiness, wholeness, creativity, and productivity at the workplace.

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