Africell Announces the Appointment of Christopher Lundh as the New CEO of Angola

Africell has announced the appointment of Mr. Christopher Lundh its new CEO of the Angola Branch.

Africell Group has announced the appointment of Christopher Lundh as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Africell Angola. Under Mr. Lundh’s leadership, Africell will deliver on its promise to transform the Angolan telecoms sector by providing affordable, reliable, and high-quality mobile telecommunications services to millions of consumers.

Christopher Lundh joins Africell after five years as a Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer of Afghan Wireless. Previously, he held senior leadership roles at companies including Telecel Congo, Africa Online, and Gateway Communications. Mr. Lundh has extensive experience in the African telecoms sector, and during his career, he has worked in over 15 countries and territories across the continent – including Kenya and South Africa most recently. Mr. Lundh is a US citizen, a native of Laguna Beach, California, and a graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

“I am delighted to be joining Africell as the company prepares to launch mobile services in Angola. Africell has a track record of raising network standards, reducing prices, and introducing technology innovation across Africa. Angola is a country of extraordinary potential, and we believe that Africell can help unlock this potential by supporting the creativity and enterprise of the Angolan people with our mobile products and services. With a team of skilled local employees, I look forward to growing the Africell brand in Angola and earning the trust and affection of millions of Angolan consumers”.

Christopher Lundh, Chief Executive Officer, Africell Angola

In February 2021, Africell won an international public tender process for a universal electronic communications license in Angola in an historic move driven by the Angolan government’s desire to reform and accelerate Angola’s economy. Africell’s expansion into Angola is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the Group, for the Angolan telecoms sector, and for Angolan consumers who stand to benefit from more competition and innovation.

Africell is a US-owned company. In May 2021, Africell amended and restated a $100 million investment from the US Government’s Development Finance Corporation (DFC) in a partnership reflecting the US government’s strategic goal to deepen US investment in Africa. Africell is the only US-owned mobile communication operator in Africa and is the first to receive financing from DFC.

“Christopher Lundh’s appointment as CEO of Africell Angola is a major milestone for Africell. His knowledge and experience of running successful telecoms operations in Africa and beyond give him a unique appreciation of the opportunity Africell has to transform the Angolan telecoms sector. Christopher’s objective is to build on the success of Africell’s other operations in Africa and to focus at all times on affordability, reliability, and innovation. Africell intends to hire thousands of local employees in the next five years, and we look forward to announcing further progress updates soon.”

Ziad Dalloul, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Africell Group

Also present at the press conference were Angola’s Minister of Telecommunications, H.E. Manuel Homem, and Ambassador J. Peter Pham, non-executive director of Africell Group’s board and former US special envoy to the Sahel and Great Lakes regions of Africa.

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