Vodacom All-Set to Empower South African Youth with NXL LVL Platform

Vodacom in a bid to empower the South African youth is revamping its NXT LVL platform. This is going to help the youth connect, learn and earn more with the right tools.

While we celebrate Youth Month, many young South Africans are facing enormous challenges exacerbated by COVID-19, including unemployment at an all-time high. In a recent survey by the University of Cape Town, more than half of young people polled said they were uncertain about the future. As part of Vodacom’s ongoing commitment to empower South African youth, Vodacom has revamped its NXT LVL (pronounced Next Level) platform to address the concerns of young people.

Through this digital platform created to meet the needs of the youth, Vodacom NXL LVL will now offer young people opportunities to connect more, learn more and earn more by giving them the right tools to reach their full potential.

In celebration of Youth Month and the launch of the refreshed NXT LVL platform, Vodacom is running a ‘Triple Your Data’ promotion on Just4You, exclusively for NXT LVL registered customers, giving them a free allocation of a social ticket through one single purchase. Some of the benefits of being on NXT LVL include affordable data-centric bundles, being rewarded with VodaBucks for purchases and goals achieved through the NXT LVL platform.

NXT LVL customers also receive value-added services such as health products, legal cover, device insurance and Voucher Advance to help them go further.  For customers who consume a lot of data, there is a choice of data deals between 20GB* at R99 per month and 30GB* at R129 per month.

“We believe that brands have an obligation to lighten the load that consumers are experiencing right now. This includes our youth who are an influential sector of our market and the future of this country. Our NXT LVL youth platform has evolved its offerings to understand the current and critical needs of young South Africans, supporting their goals and dreams to succeed, and rewarding them with what matters most to them at this time.”

Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Consumer Business, Vodacom

Targeting 18 to 25-year-olds, NXT LVL has gained over 4 million customers since its launch just over five years ago.

“We have revamped the platform to provide South African youth with more than just traditional communications and connectivity solutions, but the tools and opportunities to earn, learn and grow as they move forward to the next level of their lives. Understanding that young people need skills to advance their careers, NXT LVL connects users to zero-rated e-learning services, such as Vodacom’s e-School, as well as leadership programmes on the ConnectU portal. With the high youth unemployment rate in South Africa and a need for meaningful support, NXT LVL users are also able to build a digital CV, register for online courses, and search for jobs on Vodacom’s Future Jobs Finder, which provides access to online courses through Udemy and local employment opportunities on zero-rated websites. Vodacom is going beyond providing reliable data and connectivity. We want to give our customers the support and solutions needed to transform their lives for the better. NXT LVL demonstrates that through technology and the power of our youth’s spirit, young South Africans can be empowered to go further together.”

Jorge Mendes, Chief Officer of Consumer Business, Vodacom

Vodacom customers under the age of 25 can register for NXT LVL on the My Vodacom App and USSD.

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