Multichoice Group Becomes Media Partner of a New Vaccine Roll-Out Campaign

Multichoice group has annouced a media partnership with The Solidarity Fund’s latest vaccine roll-out campaign, ‘When We Come Together’.

MultiChoice Group announced its media partnership with The Solidarity Fund in support of their vaccine roll-out campaign, ‘When We Come Together’.

With the increase in positive infections and a third COVID-19 wave hitting South Africa, MultiChoice continues to uphold its duty to its customers, employees, suppliers, and frontline workers by providing them with access to credible and accurate information across its broadcast and multi-media platforms, and now as a media partner for The Solidarity Funds’ ‘When We Come Together’, which launched on May 12th.

The “When We Come Together’ campaign features South Africans playing their part to respond to the pandemic, while also preparing for the mass vaccine roll-out. It tells the stories of both well-known and ordinary South Africans who have responded creatively to encouraging new behaviours in the fight against the Coronavirus.

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose serious challenges to our healthcare systems. As the country scales up delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, The Solidarity Fund aims to reinforce behaviours and play a key role in providing fellow South Africans with important information on how and where to register for the vaccine, while addressing misinformation that may cause any uncertainty. As The Solidarity Fund, we are able to drive this messaging by having partners such as MultiChoice who believe in enriching the lives of communities and who strengthen our reach through the support of their broadcast and multi-media platforms.” 

Wendy Tlou, Executive Head, Humanitarian Response and Behaviour Change Pillars, The Solidarity Fund

In May, the South African government expanded its vaccine roll-out when it launched phase 2 of the programme, and the government is looking to accelerate the vaccination rate in the face of the third wave.

As the media partner for “When We Come Together” MultiChoice will use its platforms to put forward The Solidarity Fund’s message on its social media, in promos on its local channels, and through integration into selected current affairs shows and telenovelas.

“MultiChoice is proud to partner with an organisation such as The Solidarity Fund while actively participating in the fight against the global pandemic. We are able to utilise our broadcast and digital platforms to support the vaccine roll-out and further educate South African’s by providing them with accurate information that will assist them in making an informed decision to get vaccinated.”

Nyiko Shiburi, Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice South Africa

The campaign is centered on educating, empowering, and encouraging South Africans across the country so that they have the opportunity to better protect not only themselves and their families, but their communities by getting vaccinated against COVID-19 while they continue to practice safety guidelines such as; social distancing, the correct way of wearing a mask over the nose and mouth, avoiding large gatherings and ensuring good ventilation when indoors.

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