Ooredoo Offers 5G Super Data Plans to its Users

Ooredoo is now offering an uninterrupted 5G internet access through their new 5G Super Data Plans.

Ooredoo’s 5G Super Data plan is now offering uninturrupted 5G internet for its users for OMR 15.750 a month. Offering a reliabile speed, users can get a massive 150 GB of data per month, with 138GB of data to use in the most popular hours between 11pm and 11am, plus 12GB to use between 11am and 11pm. Available as a data add-on for Shahry Omanuna and Endless plans, or as a base plan for data-only packages, users can now chat, surf, play and browse all day and night without worrying about running out of data.

Ooredoo’s postpaid Shahry Omanuna and Endless plans offer amazing value and choice to suit all budgets and needs. With a range of prices and up to unlimited data, customers can buy exactly what they need each month and all without a contract. Coupled with Ooredoo’s superfast 5G, which offers improved network coverage and stability with almost zero delay, as well as incredibly fast download speeds, there’s no better time to enjoy the internet.

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