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Video Interview: Spacecom to Radically Transform the Connectivity in Semi-Urban and Rural Africa

Chris Green (Chief editor), in conversation with Ofer Asif, the SVP BizDev, Marketing and Strategy at Spacecom, discusses digital connectivity in Africa and how Spacecom is helping the industry transform with their latest technology.

As a part of our Connectivity Series with a spotlight on satellite technology, our Chief Editor, Chris Green, was in conversation with the SVP BizDev, Marketing and Strategy at Spacecom, Ofer Asif. In the duration of the conversation, Mr. Asif talked about the potential of digital connectivity in Africa and how Spacecom sees itself as a key player in bringing these changes.

Our Chief Editor here at TechAfrica News, Chris Green was in conversation with Mr. Ofer Asif, the SVP BizDev of Marketing and Strategy at Spacecom. This talk is a part of our “Connectivity Series – The Key for Growth in Africa” with a spotlight on Satelite technology. In this series, we engage with industry leaders about the challenges digital connectivity some regions in Africa face and how can there be a positive overhaul in technology to make the lives of people easier. 

“In the end of the day, our services serves as a giant leap forward in terms of bridging the digital divide and bringing prosperity and economic growth to the country.”

Ofer Asif, the SVP BizDev, Marketing and Strategy, Spacecom

Our conversation with Mr. Ofer Asif shed some light on two very important things. First, there is an immense need for faster and better connectivity in Africa with an increasing amount of population being reliant on the internet for work, e-learning, and entertainment. Secondly, Spacecom is in constant pursuit to become one of the key-players through B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2G (Business-to-Government) services. 

They aim to bring better digital connectivity to all of Africa with their novel technological initiatives. These intiatives include enabling better connectivity through AMOS satellite technology and their Digital Connectivity Platform (DCP). Mr. Asif in the conversation restated that these technological advancements are not only cost efficient, but they also enable better communication to the people, enables the government to perform their functions better and provides the scope of better healthcare, local diagnoses, agriculture, etc. 

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