Ooredoo’s 5G Rollout Continues to Take Shape

Ooredoo recently recorded a downlink speed of more than 5 Gbps on their network. This network speed is 20 times faster compared to 4G.

Demonstrating its technology leadership, and giving customers an amazing online experience, Ooredoo recently recorded downlink speeds of more than 5 Gbps on a commercial 5G Massive MIMO single sector, and it’s one of the first in the region to do so. With drastic improvements in throughput and efficiency, 5G Massive MIMO delivers eight times more capacity for home internet compared to 4G, and 20 times more capacity on mobile. As the latest major milestone in its 5G rollout, the achievement builds on Ooredoo’s continual efforts to improve user experience, drive innovation, and position Oman as a technologically advanced society.

“This achievement is a big moment for us as our 5G network continues to take shape. The peak value that 5G technology can offer on a single sector is around 5.7 Gbps and we have managed to achieve 90% of it, one of the highest in the region. This ultimately translates to a considerably improved experience for our users and unprecedented development opportunities for the Sultanate.”

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al Abri, Chief Technology & Information Officer at Ooredoo

Continuing to build on its promise to take its customers’ internet experience to a new level, Ooredoo’s great value 5G home internet, mobile, and business plans are available now. Users can benefit from improved network coverage, stability with almost zero delays, as well as incredible download speeds. As part of its ambitious roadmap, Ooredoo plans to construct and install around 2,000 5G stations over the next five years, with the potential to benefit everything from entertainment and education, to scientific research and healthcare.

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