Vodacom Business Africa to Continue their Supporting Multinational Businesses in Africa

Vodcom Business Africa has expressed unconditional support to multinational businesses in Africa regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic business disruptions.

Vodacom Business Africa (VBA) has reportedly extended their commitment to support the ambitions of multinational businesses across the African continent, regardless of the global disruptions to businesses due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The business landscape is ever-changing; competitive barriers are disappearing making the speed and agility to market critical components in the digital world. VBA is introducing Carrier Ethernet and Managed Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services to empower clients and enable them to seize new digital opportunities across its extensive footprint of 47 countries on the African continent.

“These services work seamlessly alongside other converged Fixed and Mobile Connectivity services to give organisations a ‘future-ready network’ solution. One which is fast, open, hyper interconnected, and software-defined, thereby reliably and securely connecting the enterprise, its services, and the cloud, our channel partners can therefore confidently commit to and fulfill their brand promises, as they leverage these premium grade services for their enterprise customers.”

Wale Odeyemi, Executive Head of Strategic Marketing, Vodacom Business Africa

Why Managed Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?
When your business needs fast reliable Internet connectivity with built-in failover backed by superior service level commitments, DIA from Vodacom Business Africa is the optimal solution. With DIA, your business is guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you require, irrespective of the type of infrastructure that is available at your location.

No matter where you are operating from, business internet access needs should not be underestimated. Depending on your company, accessing symmetrical upload and download speeds provided via a managed internet service with better throughput can be absolutely essential to your success. Vodacom Business Africa’s robust, best-in-class infrastructure can provide high connection speeds and data transfer capability of up to 10Gbps that businesses require to compete in our digitalised economy.

The business benefits of Carrier Ethernet The challenge most businesses are facing is ensuring a consistently superior experience for their users as they consume their enterprise applications from hybrid clouds. The fast speeds and high capacities and dedicated nature of the Carrier Ethernet service helps remove these bottleneck challenges, whether these enterprise applications are consumed out of private or public cloud data centers.

Carrier Ethernet comes complete with tools that provide Information Technology (IT) managers with visibility and control of the performance and availability of their large-scale network services from a single platform, making monitoring and troubleshooting far simpler.   

Having a network that is not only extensive but also flexible and scalable to changing demands, has become an imperative consideration when choosing how best to connect geographically diverse operations in Africa.

From broadband Internet to private Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), through the Internet of Things (IoT) all the way to the cloud, Vodacom Business Africa offers a range of services that support the digital transformation needs of businesses, who count on us to keep their operations confidently connected across the continent and beyond.

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