Zain Bahrain Expands Network to Newly Developed Salman City

Zain Bahrain has become the first network operator to expand its enhanced mobile and broadband network connectivity to Salman City, one of the most ambitious and affordable housing projects in the Kingdom.

Comprising more than 15,000 affordable residential units that include almost 10,000 apartments and 5,000+ homes, Salman City aims to provide residents with an integrated lifestyle including facilities such as schools, mosques, healthcare, libraries, and a vast park right at the heart of the town. Zain Bahrain’s network expansion in Salman City is a huge step to connect its residents and enable a superior experience to its mobile data subscribers in the area. The company has invested heavily in network expansion to keep up with the rising demand from consumers and provide an unparalleled mobile experience in Salman City (Blocks 581/583).

Zain Bahrain is continuously investing in its network and with the Mobile deployment in Salman City, aims to provide reliable and faster connectivity to its residents. The expansion contributes towards Zain Bahrain’s commitment to the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and creating a digitally inclusive country providing reliable and excellent mobile experience to its customers as well as the residents of Salman City. 

“The network expansion is a key step for Zain Bahrain, and we continue to further strengthen our reach to successfully deliver reliable, high speed and high-quality mobile data and broadband services to newly developed areas in Bahrain.  We have invested in the latest solutions that can maximize our coverage and speed and with the network expansion, we hope to address the growing demand for mobile and broadband services amidst a sharp rise in data consumption across Bahrain, especially among the residents in Salman City. At Zain Bahrain, our customers come first, and we have always taken care of their connectivity needs and provide exceptional customer service and plans that aid their mobile experience. We hope with our latest expansion, more and more residents of Salman City get to experience our fast and agile network.”

Ali Al-Yaham, Director of Technology at Zain Bahrain

The system expansion further strengthens Zain Bahrain’s solid network foundation in Bahrain and its commitment to deliver stronger network connectivity and enhanced data speeds to its customers. As a leading telecom operator in the Kingdom, Zain Bahrain further continues to deliver the best technology and solutions, best customer service and ensures to meet the growing demands of an increasingly digital market.

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