Terragon Listed as a Verified CDP company

African company Terragon has been listen as a verified CDP company. It’s the first and only African company to achieve this feat.

Africa’s leading data and marketing technology company, Terragon, has been listed as a verified CDP company by the globally renowned CDP institute, having met the institute’s specific criteria for qualification as a RealCDPTM. This makes Terragon the first and only African CDP company in its directory.

This was made known recently in an announcement by the CDP Institute after a rigorous audit and demo assessment of Terragon’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) – its key functionalities and user interface.

“Every market has unique requirements.  We are pleased to welcome Terragon as a firm that will be able to meet many African companies’ needs for unified customer data.”

David Raab, the founder of the CDP Institute

Speaking on the new development, the CEO of Terragon, Elo Umeh acknowledged the verification, noting that it validates the great work done by the Terragon team over the years.

We are very excited about this recognition. Being listed alongside leading global CDP providers is no small feat. The team is elated and motivated to keep leading the charge in the African Data and Marketing Technology space. Our clients will be able to carry out their online advertising seamlessly even after cookies go extinct as our CDP now comes uniquely equipped with the Facebook solution. Beyond our CDP meeting the standards of this renowned Institute, Our CDP comes equipped with the ability to reach over 350 million profiles of African Customers online and offline; which gives our Clients a huge leap in their data-driven marketing efforts.

Elo Umeh, Chief Executive Officer, Terragon

With the eventual phase-out of third-party cookies, slated for 2022, posing a huge threat to the digital marketing ecosystem, Facebook has developed a solution to help Brands prepare for this new reality – the Facebook Conversions API solution. This solution helps Brands by capturing important online and offline events necessary for specific business outcomes through performance-based campaigns such as customer acquisition, app install, lead generation, and lots more, without cookies. It offers more data control, reliability, and privacy compliance. Terragon is the only African-founded CDP partner for this solution for Africa.

Also reacting to this, Mr. Umeh urged brands to test and learn the solution now as it guarantees seamless online advertising when the cookies crumble.

“Our clients will be able to carry out their online advertising seamlessly even after cookies go extinct as our CDP now comes uniquely equipped with the Facebook solution. I urge Brands and Agencies to start to try out this solution now, rather than wait and get caught up in the aftereffect of cookies extinction which will negatively affect Brand’s advertising efforts”

Elo Umeh, Chief Executive Officer, Terragon

“We’ve positioned ourselves as the “go-to” Partner for global big-Tech players seeking entry into the African market to effectively reach African consumers. We do not compromise on data governance, customer success, or product quality, which is why we boast of having top-tier Brands as clients and partners spread across FSI, FMCG, E-commerce, and Telco brands.

Elo Umeh, Chief Executive Officer, Terragon

Since its evolution as an Enterprise solution Company, focused on Africa, Terragon has successfully deployed its Data Platforms and Solutions in at least 20 Brands, including top tier Banks, multinational FMCGs as well as Digital Agencies in Africa. These solutions have helped these Brands in their data-driven marketing efforts, resulting in lower Cost of Customer acquisitions and higher returns on Ad Spend; with use cases including data enrichment, insights generation, customer acquisition, look-alike model creation, credit scoring for loan applicants, multi-channel customer engagements and lots more.

Terragon is the leading data aggregation and enrichment, consumer insights, and activation platform that helps Brands gain a deeper understanding of African consumers in order to create and deliver better experiences that drive meaningful relationships.

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