iColo to Start Building its Third Data Center in Kenya

iColo has started building its 3rd Data Center in Kenya. This data center is expected to provide internet services to over 1 Billion people.

iColo has announced the construction of its third data center in Nyali, Mombasa.

The new data center called MBA2, is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2022. It is expected to provide a capacity of 1.6MW megawatt and 1,200 square meters of IT space.

The data center is a part of its plan to grow its footprint in Africa and provide its internet services to approximately 1 Billion people.

“As a leading data center infrastructure provider, iColo plays a major role in supporting digital transformation strategies by enabling businesses to be connected and supported in real-time. This new facility will be the gateway to 200 Million people living in the region bringing the content closer to the end-user thereby reducing latency and improving the internet experience for all. The size of the facility is also scaled to reflect the huge growth in connectivity that is unfolding in East Africa. We hope this new Data Center will be home to all new cables landing in the region.”

iColo, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ranjith Cherickel.

The data center facility will be PCIDSS and ISO 27001 certified that ensures the highest levels of security for iColo clients.

MBA2, a greenfield project is expected to deliver 99.999% uptime for power. This particular expansion is an indication of the continued efforts of iColo to establish a solid footprint in Africa along with ensuring that Mombasa will now become the prime connectivity hub in Africa.

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