stc, Casa Systems and Netcracker Successfully Test Automated Network Slice as a Service

stc, Solutions by stc, Netcracker Technology and Casa Systems announced the successful completion of a joint proof of concept (PoC) in Solution by stc Center of Excellence LAB to automate network slicing in a 5G core network using domain orchestration.

“We are focused on creating a state-of-the-art 5G network to bring the most advanced technologies and solutions that will enable our customers to capitalize on evolving market needs. Solutions, Netcracker and Casa have proven to be very agile in responding to our vision for delivering innovative and automated 5G services. stc enterprise customers can spontaneously order network slice-based services from Netcracker’s Digital Marketplace, which supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 toward economic diversification.“

Bader Allhieb, Infrastructure VP from stc

From a digital marketplace perspective, stc can now offer enterprise customers and end 2 end network slicing capability for a fully automated network slice-based service.

“As we in stc are serving government, healthcare and education, 5G and network slicing will play a fundamental role in how we design and build solutions for connectivity, cloud services, cybersecurity and morem using Casa’s cloud-native 5G core and Netcracker’s core orchestration solution. Network slicing can be a powerful differentiator for service providers in a 5G era, and this is only feasible with end-to-end, enabled by orchestration. Our joint PoC was instrumental in proving how dynamic 5G services can be offered with agility, scale and cost-efficiency to serve a diverse vertical market.”

Bob Titus, CTO, Netcracker

Network slicing partitions the network into multiple, unique virtual networks over a common infrastructure. By utilizing a 5G core and network slicing orchestration, stc can offer new solutions and services by allocating network slices to serve the specific requirements of a service or vertical market. To meet the dynamic needs of enterprise verticals, network slices must be provisioned and scaled on demand, which can only be achieved though end-to-end automation.

“Our collaboration with Solutions and Netcracker is a testament to our organizations’ joint commitment to deliver multiple benefits that 5G brings to our customers and their subscribers. This PoC demonstrates the capability of 5G to support agile, efficient and flexible introduction of new revenue-generating services with high speed, capacity and low latency.” 

Jerry Guo, CEO, Casa Systems

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