Major African Entrepreneurs Came Together for a Panel Discussion on the Future of Entrepreneurship in Africa

TechAfrica News moderated a panel at EastAfricaCom on the future of new start-ups and creating a conductive environment for budding entrepreneurs.

In his role as senior editor at TechAfrica News, Chris Green recently moderated a panel discussion at the East Africa Com 2021. The panel called, ‘Building ecosystems for the next wave of start-ups’ involved several entrepreneurs in Africa who engaged in a discourse on the future of new start-ups and creating a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs.

The panel started with a discussion on the new Kenyan startup bill, with Esther Mwikali, the Project Catalyst at Growth Africa talking about how the bill will make the lives of entrepreneurs substantially easier. “I do believe it’s an amazing great start, and I’m really happy that it (the startup bill) is here with us,” Mwikali commented.

The discourse then delved into the intricacies of the bill and the entrepreneurial space in Africa. The other panelists including Wilfred Njagi, CEO of Villgro Africa, and Nikasa Were, Director of Strategy at Afrilabs shed light on what the future hold for the upcoming entrepreneurs and how can they solidify a global space as entrepreneurs.

Chris Green commented, “The recent panel “Building Eco-Systems for the next wave of start-ups” at EastAfricaCom was a really interesting panel to be involved with.”

“My take on this, is that the recent Kenyan Start Up Bill, is a way of ensuring there is genuine opportunity for all start-ups to have access to capital and resources they need. Yes the bill isn’t perfect, nothing ever is. However, when you combine this with the appetite from the investment community, either local or elsewhere, this enables companies  to become established in the region, as well as having the opportunity to be a global player, with the right business model and backing.”

Chris Green, Senior Editor at TechAfrica News

You can watch the full panel here:

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