Kicking off the ‘Connectivity Series 2021’

When it comes to digital development and connectivity, Africa is not in the best position. Only 22% of the continent have access to a basic internet connection, According to a report by the International Financial Corporation.

With a population of almost 1.8 billion people, the scarcity of digital communication and the internet in the continent is an issue that cannot be ignored any longer. African countries and providers have to improve their digital connectivity and there are two areas this has to quickly change. Firstly, the availability of a stable basic internet connection, and second, making this affordable for the majority of the population, which currently does not have any access to digital connectivity. The lack of access to the internet is keeping many away from essential services such as medical and consultation, e-commerce, digital education (e-learning), and even general connectivity with the world.

To make this happen, especially in the semi-urban and rural areas, TechAfrica News is launching:

“Connectivity – The Key For Growth in Africa”

This will consist of specialised talks, virtual panels, video interviews, articles, opinion pieces, and Q&As. They will highlight ideas and technology that fosters innovation, creativity, and opportunities that help combat the digital disconnect Africa is facing.

The year-long series will focus on a variety of themes aimed at solutions that can help bring about real change in Africa’s digital connectivity sector. Initially, the focus will be on Spotlight Satellite. Satellite connectivity is one of the key areas, because of the tremendous potential the technology has in ensuring consistent and affordable digital connectivity throughout Africa. A number of satellite industry leaders are going to be a part of “Spotlight Satellite”, including SES, Amos Spacecom, Sat ADSL, among others.

Along with “Spotlight Satellite”, the other themes which the series will eventually focus on to include Streaming services, Broadband, Mobile services, etc.

TechAfrica News will also be hosting a panel discussion on “Africa’s connectivity gap: Expanding connectivity across Africa to unlock growth and opportunities.” The event will have industry specialists from Africa and Middle-East all coming together with SES and partners joining and talking about the future of bridging the connectivity gap across Africa. TechAfricaNews initiative is aimed at fostering digital connectivity as an enabler of rapid development for the continent through a series of videos, panel discussions, opinion pieces, etc. This series will not only address the ongoing challenges but also help in bringing about a sustainable and ongoing change in the continent.

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