Zain Bahrain Upgrades Fiber Speeds For Existing And New Customers

Zain Bahrain announced that it has successfully upgraded its fiber speed to further accelerate and strengthen high-speed connectivity in Bahrain.

It has also enhanced its fiber packages which will provide existing and new customers with the opportunity to experience up to six times faster speeds along with unlimited data. The move is part of Zain Bahrain’s continuous commitment to enhance people’s digital lives in the Kingdom and provide its customers with more choices than before. From endless hours of streaming to faster upload and download speeds for remote working, learning and gaming, Zain Bahrain’s speed upgrade and fiber packages cater to the needs and increased connectivity demands of customers due to the current pandemic. It also showcases the company’s efforts to bring Bahrain’s vision 2030 to life by empowering its customers and keeping them connected wherever they are in the Kingdom. 

Zain Bahrain’s new fiber packages provide its customers with affordable options that suit their needs, starting from BHD 15.750 monthly with a download speed of up to 1Gbps and upload speed of 100Mbps. While Zain Bahrain’s new customers can avail the attractive packages with unlimited data and up to six times even faster speed option, the existing fiber customers will benefit from this as well. Existing customers will be notified by the customer service team regarding the upgrade and the planned speed date change. 

“We are dedicated to delivering ultra-fast and reliable connectivity to our customers and are determined to provide them connectivity with increasingly faster speeds by constantly upgrading our infrastructure and enhancing our offerings. The demand for faster speeds increased during the pandemic and there was a surge in the internet data traffic. We are pleased to have quickly addressed our customers’ demands and are excited to continue delivering high-quality network connections to homes and businesses across the Kingdom. With our speed upgrade and lucrative packages, we can’t wait for more customers to experience the benefits Zain Bahrain’s fiber packages has to offer in order to enhance their digital lives.”

Ammar Al Ketbi, Director, Consumer Marketing & Sales at Zain Bahrain

Zain Bahrain’s monthly fiber packages are pocket-friendly and suit customers’ connectivity needs to include gaming, virtual studying, working remotely, and video calling or searching for entertainment options. The company continues to be a leader in providing innovative and unique products & services in a fast-paced digitally transforming world and ensures that the citizens of Bahrain enjoy seamless connectivity and communication throughout the year. 

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