TelOne Zimbabwe selects Tejas for Network Capacity Extension

Tejas Networks announced that TelOne, one of Zimbabwe’s largest telecom entities and the most affordable internet service provider, has deployed Tejas’ 100G/100G+ coherent DWDM solution.

“We are delighted that TelOne has deployed our latest 100G/100G+ DWDM/OTN technology for its network expansion. Our solution empowers our customers to diversify their existing DWDM vendor base and use our proven, cost-effective solution to expand and inter-operate. It is a prime example of how our open and flexible software-defined-hardware™ architecture is enabling our customers to become “future-ready” by enabling them to upgrade their existing networks with the latest technologies at incremental cost.”  

Mr. Sanjay Nayak, CEO and MD of Tejas Networks

TelOne has the widest network coverage in Zimbabwe with connectivity across the country, anchored on its robust backbone infrastructure. TelOne has strong connections to multiple undersea cable systems and has shareholding in the West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC), which has a major stake in the East African Submarine System (EASSy) cable.

“TelOne offers access to a vast  network footprint in Zimbabwe. With rising demand for bandwidth and higher speeds from our customers, we were looking for a versatile solution that could significantly expand the capacity on our existing fibre network with incremental investments.  We were impressed by the capabilities of the Tejas’ solution and its ability to seamlessly carry 100G services with no inter-operability issues. Tejas products have very versatile software, are simple to configure and easy to operate. We appreciate the support of a highly responsive Tejas team, that was able to design and deliver an end-to-end network solution in the shortest period of time.” 

Mrs. Chipo Mtasa, Managing Director at TelOne

Tejas’ state-of-the-art 100G DWDM/OTN solution was selected by TelOne after a competitive bidding process and a successful field trial. Tejas was able to successfully demonstrate high-speed transmission of multiple 100G lambdas while meeting the stringent performance and reliability requirements in a cost-effective manner. 

“In the TelOne network we delivered our DWDM/OTN solution using our scalable and versatile TJ1600 platform. Our solution unlocks new opportunities for service providers to multiply the available capacity on their networks by more than 10X, without being limited by their existing network deployment.  The TelOne deployment is yet another example of our cutting-edge technology that we have deployed over several networks across Africa.”

Mr. Rakesh Raghoonandan, Vice President Sales – Tejas Networks Africa

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