9mobile Selects Tecnotree’s Wholesale & Carrier Billing Solution

9Mobile, a leading telecom operator of Nigeria, has selected Tecnotree to replace its Wholesale & Carrier Interconnect Billing System.

9Mobile, known as Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services (EMTS), is currently serving about 13 million subscribers and aims to enhance its software and hardware capabilities while offering SaaS-based wholesale and carrier technology to enterprise customers in Nigeria and around.

“Tecnotree’s Wholesale Billing System will offer EMTS the flexibility and scalability to collaborate with CSPs for new revenue sharing capabilities. We will address current business issues such as revenue leakage, the disparity between settlement reports for different partners, lack of flexibility to adopt newer business processes and harmonize switching systems to incorporate all scenarios and events of the CSPs.”

Tecnotree CEO Padma Ravichander

A market-proven system for managing carrier-to-carrier relations for revenue settlement, Tecnotree’s Wholesale Billing System (WBS) will help 9Mobile to simplify its partner ecosystem, including onboarding new partners and services. It also provides least-cost routing capabilities for 9mobile to dynamically analyze best call-routes, & accordingly modify provisioning in the network. In addition, advanced monetization capabilities based on multiple lines-of-business will be added to increase the topline while providing the CSP with 360-degree view, a personalized dashboard for revenue analysis, and KPIs for cost analysis.

“With this, both EMTS, as well as its partner CSPs, will enjoy a seamless experience while bolstering their efficiency. Most importantly, since Tecnotree WBS is compatible with multiple and converged technologies, it avoids the need to deploy or invest in several systems or tools. This will further help in reducing CapEx and OpEx.”

Tecnotree CEO Padma Ravichander

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