​Zain Bahrain announces further network expansions in 2021

Zain Bahrain announced that it continues to deliver enhanced data speed and better network connectivity opportunities to its customers at an accelerated pace in 2021.

Despite a very challenging year, Zain Bahrain has successfully driven significant network enhancements to build a transformative 5G network expansion. The network expansion further highlights Zain Bahrain’s expertise and continuous commitment to empowering its customers with solutions and services that enhance their digital lives, improving its existing network, and meeting the increasing customer demand for seamless connectivity. 

Zain Bahrain continues to set new precedents for customer experience and provides enhanced connectivity solutions. The company utilizes state-of-the-art 5G hardware that enables customers to enjoy enhanced mobile broadband and fixed wireless access with higher speeds, lower latency and reach in the current digitally-driven era. Substantial investments were also made to the 4G network to further uplift the end user experience. . 

“The network expansions are a testament to the fact that Zain Bahrain has always provided an accelerated digitalization experience to its customers across Bahrain. Building further on the successful network expansion from 2020, we at Zain Bahrain will continue this momentum in 2021 to further grow our networks and enhance our customers’ digital lives.”

Ali Al-Yaham, Director of Technology at Zain Bahrain

Committed to Bahrain’s vision 2030, Zain Bahrain played a key role in investing in their customers and keeping them connected wherever they are. The company significantly increased its network coverage in in newly developed areas of Bahrain. As part of its network expansion goals for 2020, Zain Bahrain focused on increasing its LTE layer capacity and coverage by installing new LTE bands to further improve the network reachability and customer data and voice experience. 

“COVID-19 accelerated our digitaltransformation cycle and reiterated the fact that true digital transformation in the mobile communication industry could only happen through a holistic network transformation strategy and execution. There has been a surge in demand for internet-enabled devices for education, work-from-home, streaming and online gaming which requires better network coverage and infrastructure. Our team worked relentlessly to meet this growing need and through the network expansion, Zain Bahrain has been able to provide reliable, high-speed internet access to our customers. We are regularly upgrading our network infrastructures, improving the voice and data quality, and have also invested in expanding to newly developed areas of Bahrain thus providing all our customers with improved connectivity.”

Ali Al-Yaham, Director of Technology at Zain Bahrain

The network enhancements will further allow all Zain Bahrain customers to enjoy the maximum possible speeds that 5G technology has to offer with significantly enhanced coverage and data connectivity speeds. 

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