SPI International and ZAP Partner to Bring Content to Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde

The deal renders several products from SPI’s portfolio available to ZAP subscribers in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

SPI International continues to expand its footprint across Africa with multiple deals with major operators within the region. The company announces that they have inked their most recent deal with the digital satellite television provider ZAP for Gametoon, 360 TuneBox, FashionBox, FightBox, FilmBox Arthouse and Fast&FunBox. Viewers in Angola and Mozambique will be able to access these channels via ZAP’s offer.

“We are delighted to build on our presence in the African continent and especially happy to start this partnership with ZAP, the leading operator in Angola and Mozambique. We are excited to see such positive reactions to our channels from the African audience and strongly believe that SPI’s new additions will enrich the ZAP channel offering and engage with audiences who enjoy gaming, music, lifestyle, adrenaline sports, MMA and classical films.”

Georgina Twiss, MD Western Europe & Africa at SPI International

The channels included in the deal are: SPI’s well-curated arthouse movie channel FilmBox Arthouse, which brings world cinema classics from iconic directors such as Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Fellini and many others to cinema lovers. Gametoon which is dedicated to gaming content created by true gaming and esports enthusiasts; FightBox broadcasts some of the most electrifying combat sports live events and multi-discipline mixed martial arts coverage from all over the world; Fast&FunBox offers action-packed programming dedicated to adrenaline sports; FashionBox provides highly entertaining content on fashion trends and all things style, and 360 TuneBox presents new music every week with today’s emerging artists.

“This partnership with SPI reinforces the commitment that ZAP has with our subscribers, to offer the best content in the world. We’re convinced that SPI channels can help in this matter. The contents quality, originality and irreverence of the channels make this partnership an important step for ZAP to continue offering innovative and revolutionary channels in the market.”

José Carlos Lourenço, CEO at ZAP

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