Zinox provides Nigerian schools with e-Learning services on Spacecom’s advanced AMOS-17 satellite

The satellite service provider announced a partnership with Intertel, and in partnership with Zinox, a leading Nigerian internet and e-Learning service provider, to enable internet connectivity and e-Learning solutions for schools in Nigeria.

Spacecom worked closely with its partners in Nigeria to bring this deal to fruition through utilization in C-Band High Throughput (HTS) capacity on the advanced and powerful AMOS-17 satellite.

Spacecom’s AMOS-17 digital and C-band HTS capabilities enable unique satellite efficiencies covering all of Nigeria with one single beam, compared to using multiple smaller beams as common with other HTS satellites. Using these advanced technological advantages enables significant economic benefits and flexibilities, such as lower Capital Expenses (CAPEX) as well as cost-effective ongoing Operating Expenses (OPEX), materializing advantage all the way to the end customer over an excellent coverage of communities.

“Spacecom is happy to provide solutions that bring value to the Nigerian people cost-effectively. The partnership with Zinox entails important and inspiring opportunities to the most remote places in Nigeria. Connecting the unconnected, from semi-urban to the most rural areas in Africa, is a major pillar in Spacecom’s plans going forward. We look forward to continuing the cooperation with Zinox as part of this mission we wish to achieve in Nigeria and we have more plans ahead”.

Guy Avrahami, VP Sales Nigeria at Spacecom

Abdlrazaq Shittu, Group Managing Director/CEO at Intertel Nigeria Limited averred with nostalgia that Intertel is excited to partner Spacecom to provide Zinox high throughput satellite connectivity in the Nigerian broadband space: “Zinox’s IP connectivity to its customers over AMOS-17 allows delivery of premium solutions but cost-effectively that seamlessly bridges digital divides”.

“Quality communication and e-Learning solutions are important at all times and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to Spacecom and the AMOS-17’s unique capabilities and cost-effective solution, Zinox was able to gain significant advantages and high performance. We are excited to provide more reliable service to Nigerian schools.”

Abolade Kazeem, Head of Technical Operations at Zinox

With the transformation, Zinox is now able to offer Ku-band and C-band services to its customers at a significant competitive advantage and at high speed while maintaining her current single Hub.

“Using our network and learning equipment together with excellent satellite-based communication services via Spacecom, kids all over Nigeria will have access to quality education. With foregoing Zinox has entered a niche club of premium ISPs in Nigeria, where only two ISPs currently operate, thus setting the pace for others to follow. The upgrade has now positioned Zinox to provide better services and execute numerous project sites across the federation.

Abolade Kazeem, Head of Technical Operations at Zinox

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