STARZPLAY is now MENA’s home of anime through strategic ties with TV TOKYO

STARZPLAY signed a multi-year agreement with the TV TOKYO Corporation to bring over 1,000 episodes of anime content to its subscribers.

STARZPLAY subscribers can watch some of TV TOKYO’s defining anime productions like Naruto (all 220 episodes) and its sequel Naruto Shippuden (all 500 episodes). Other favourites include Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (ongoing production with over 180 episodes) that carry on the legacy with the adventures of ninja boy Boruto, Naruto’s son and Fruits Basket a romantic comedy about an orphan girl and a mysterious family that hosts her.

“Our partnership with TV TOKYO to bring some of the most popular anime series establishes STARZPLAY as the true home in the region for anime. The region has witnessed increased demand for anime, and we are bringing the best of content that anime fans in will love. For first-timers who want to know all about anime or for seasoned viewers who want to revisit the excitement this genre provides, we have them covered with our new programming that shows our commitment to provide compelling content that appeals to all.”

Maaz Sheikh, Co-founder and CEO STARZPLAY

STARZPLAY subscribers will have access to new weekly episodes of Boruto on a simulcast basis, several of them premiering in February 2021. STARZPLAY has rights for Season 3 of Fruits Basket, which is scheduled for airing in April.

“One of our differentiating strengths is the extensive line-up of anime series that we distribute, several of them having gained cult status and contributed to the global popularity of the genre. Through our strong ties with STARZPLAY, we are delighted to offer our diverse suite of anime series for viewers in MENA, including our flagship franchise Naruto and upcoming culminating season of the popular series Fruits Basket: The Final. This will boost the popularity of anime in the region, especially among youth and families.”

Yukio Kawasaki, Director, TV TOKYO Corporation

TV TOKYO Corporation is a Tokyo-based broadcaster of general entertainment that operates a national free-to-air network known for its strength in programming for youth and young adults, animation in particular. It is a leading exporter of Japanese television content.

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