EvoNet Selects IP Infusion’s Network Operating System for its Future Network Expansion

IP Infusion announced that South African ISP EvoNet has selected its OcNOS® network operating system as their preferred technology for future network expansion in South Africa and across the African continent, replacing existing legacy technologies.

In 2020, EvoNet decided to invest in disaggregated network technology to support their future growth throughout South Africa and the rest of the African continent. As a tier 1 operator, they needed a partner with a proven track record and a powerful, feature-rich software stack for their Edgecore Network’s routing and switching network. Bandwidth demands have scaled substantially over the years, but 2020 brought about unexpected changes in user behavior which needed to be supported by their infrastructure today and in the future.

After in-depth analysis and testing of software providers, we committed to OcNOS as our network operating system of choice. As we better understood the IP Infusion platform and service offerings, we expanded our adoption of Edgecore hardware and IP Infusion software into our full core and edge routing and switching infrastructure.”

Kay Johnson, CTO of EvoNet

OcNOS is now used throughout the EvoNet network and IP Infusion have replaced six different vendor operating systems without any disruption or compromises.

“By using Edgecore equipment and IP Infusion software, we have been able to fully disaggregate our network and now operate a fully software defined network with significant scale.  We have opened up brand new revenue streams we thought previously unattainable due to the prohibitive costs. EvoNet can offer up to 400G services to our clients, and the only limiting factor here becomes the data center and upstream partner limitations who still operate legacy infrastructure and complicated networking topologies. With IP Infusion’s help, we have been able to reduce our operational expenditure significantly since adoption of their solution.”

Kay Johnson, CTO of EvoNet

“IP Infusion was the clear winner when compared to the competition due to the simplicity of their system and the support we received. When making the switch from legacy systems it was important to ensure that we weren’t finding ourselves vendor-locked or further complicating our network. Other vendors focus on key components within the network stack whereas we found that IP Infusion offers a best-in-class operating system that supports the full network stack all the way from operating physical fiber networks to ISP services.”

Tim Germond, CEO of EvoNet

“We now have a single pane of glass for management, oversight, provisioning and that Edgecore and IP Infusion will play a key role in this expansion. As we deploy fiber networks and ISP services to thousands of clients we have the confidence in the hardware, software and technical support to scale without worry, which is a unique position to find ourselves in.”

Tim Germond, CEO of EvoNet

“EvoNet is evidence that migrating from legacy infrastructure to next-generation infrastructure doesn’t have to be a complicated and stressful process, and can be achieved without downtime to end users. Together with Edgecore hardware, IP Infusion significantly reduced EvoNet’s total cost of ownership and operating expenses across their network while making them more agile and scalable than their competitors.”

Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion

OcNOS is the industry’s first full-featured modular extensible network OS for white box open networking solutions offering advanced capabilities that include extensive switching and routing support ranging from MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), PTP (Precision Timing Protocol) and APIs/protocols for SDN (Software Defined Networking). OcNOS features hybrid, centralized or distributed network support; scalable, modular high-performance network; and a robust data plane built on merchant silicon.

“We are pleased to have worked with EvoNet and IP Infusion on this disaggregated networking solution, which included our peering router hardware, and allowed EvoNet to replace their legacy equipment and expand their network capacity. Edgecore Networks continues to provide open networking solutions for a wide range of use cases for optical, data center, service provider and enterprise network operators.”

George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks

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