OyaWatch TV is Launched in Nigeria on Red Bee’s OTT Platform

The Nigerian subscription based streaming service, aiming to become the number one provider of media and entertainment experiences in the country, was launched on February 5th, through Red Bee Media’s OTT platform.

It includes a wide variety of live and on-demand content from all the biggest international broadcasters and local sources, distributed through Red Bee’s Channel Store offering. OyaWatch TV is available through applications and browsers on all major devices and smart TV’s, with multiple language options and large channel packages to affordable prices. The name OyaWatch comes from the Yorùbá slang “oya”, meaning “instant” or “instantly”, which is a popular expression in Nigeria.

OyaWatch TV is the first service of its kind dedicated to Nigerian audiences, and its availability on all major devices will make high-quality news, sports, entertainment and documentaries accessible to everyone, all over the country. 

“By launching OyaWatch TV, we want to make the best global and local media and entertainment experiences available to everyone in Nigeria. Through Red Bee’s OTT platform, we have built a competitive subscription service available on every device, including smartphones, which is crucial in reaching a wider audience in Nigeria.”

Ronaldo Minaise, CEO & Founder of OyaWatch TV

OyaWatch is available with menus in English, French, Hausa, Arabic, Igbo and Yorùbá, offering 60+ channels of live news, movies, tv-shows, documentaries, sports and children’s content starting at 1500 Naira (appr. 3.50 €) per month. 

“OyaWatch is a pioneering service in the Nigerian media and entertainment landscape and we’re looking forward to see it grow in the years to come. It’s another great example of how our OTT platform offers a solid foundation for anyone looking to launch and develop a streaming service, no matter the ambition level or business idea.”

Steve Nylund, CEO, Red Bee

Red Bee’s comprehensive OTT Platform gives brands and content owners the possibility to launch a fully-fledged streaming service, rapidly and easily. It supports all content formats including linear, live, catch-up and on-demand as well as the full range of monetization options (including ad-funded, subscription, pay-per-view and vouchers). The service integrates easily with many other Red Bee services including content aggregation, metadata and automatic captioning. The platform also includes advanced geo blocking and DRM options, which allows for audience segmentation.

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