Orange Egypt gets certified as a Top Employer in Egypt and Africa for 2021

Orange Egypt has been certified as “Top Employer for 2021” in Egypt and Africa for the seventh year in a row by the global “Top Employers institute”.

This came as a result of the company’s continuous successes in providing the best work environment for its employees as well as developing their skills and developing their capabilities. 

This well-deserved recognition earned after passing several assessments and questionnaires under the supervision of Top Employer institute where the company has demonstrated an outstanding performance by following a group of fundamental criteria, including culture and work environment standards, talent and human competency management strategy, performance evaluation management, leadership skills development, benefits and wages, and personal and professional learning and development for its’ employees.

The remarkable development of Orange employees and their continuous excellence contributed to this achievement thus it resulted in becoming one of the best international companies that provides a suitable work environment for its employees that helps them to achieve the goals of the company and its customers while applying international standards in various fields including gender equality. 

Commenting on this excellence, Emad El-Sonbaty, Orange Egypt Chief People & Facilities Officer, said that the company and all employees feel so proud today for sustaining its leadership among various major international companies for seven successive years, which is a certificate of confidence and a motivation to strive forward in achieving more local and international successes one year after the other. 

“Orange Egypt” has succeeded in acquiring the “Top Employer for 2021” certificate under conditions that were the most difficult for all employees in various companies around the world due to the uncertainty of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic where many companies laid off some of their employees while Orange hasn’t been only keen to maintain and secure its employees, but it worked on hiring new employees and is still hiring more, Added Emad.

“This certificate, issued by a neutral global institute, reflects the efforts done by all Orange employees and their endless team spirit, which have enabled us to achieve excellence in performance and have positively impacted our results this year, despite all the challenges.” 

Emad El-Sonbaty, Orange Egypt Chief People & Facilities Officer

He explained that the company has succeeded in implementing various strategies by investing in its human assets and protecting them during COVID-19 pandemic while ensuring the continuation of business with the highest possible efficiency.

“The company has several plans and strategies to protect its employees at all levels. Moreover, Orange’s branches and outlets are still organizing the entry and exit of customers in an advanced manner, enforcing social distancing rules and organizing waiting areas for customers outside branches to avoid crowding.”

Emad El-Sonbaty, Orange Egypt Chief People & Facilities Officer

It is worth noting that the Top Employer institute performs a comprehensive inspection of human resource policies and an integrated analysis of employees’ conditions. Additionally, it performs internal and external auditing to ensure the accuracy of information and data gathered about companies obtaining a “Top Employer” certificate. This is done after ensuring that the company complies with the highest international standards in force, the company’s Top Employer certificate is approved and awarded.

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