IBM, AFRALTI Launch the Open P-Tech for Africa Program

IBM and the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) announced the Open P-TECH for Africa program which will provide Kenya’s youth with skills relevant to the digital era and marketplace.

The Open P-TECH for Africa program will provide 50,000 Kenyan youth aged 14 to 20 years with access to digital training about emerging tools and technologies designed to help them leapfrog to a better future.

With rising youth unemployment, Open P-TECH for Africa will help empower Kenyan youth to bridge the digital literacy gap; form a new talent pool created for 21st century jobs; enable them to plan professional careers; and find jobs or even create their own start-ups.

Open P-TECH is a free digital learning platform for students (grades 9-14), parents, and educators that supports learners in developing both soft skills and hard skills (including education on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital thinking and more) to prepare them for jobs of the future. Currently, it has more than 224,000 registered members in 137 countries and is available in nine languages.

AFRALTI will leverage their footprint and mobilise trainers, volunteers, teachers, and students to implement the program across Kenya. The facilitator-led training will be provided both in person, when possible, and through an online platform.

After completing a minimum of the 20 hours of AFRALTI-facilitated training optimised for the learning objectives, the learners will get certificates in addition to internationally recognised badges from the Open P-TECH platform.

The ICT Authority of Kenya is also a key stakeholder in the program which aims to empower more Kenyan youths in the area of ICT. Through the Presidential Digitalent Programme run by the Authority, 50 graduates from the program will facilitate the training, alongside AFRALTI facilitators, to other learners.

Through the Open P-TECH for Africa, students can now prepare for careers, internships, apprenticeships and new-collar jobs and earn the same badges as professionals in their fields of interest. While it is focused on youth aged 14-20, the program will impact young people in the workplace, entrepreneurs, educators, developers as well as learners who are looking to be better prepared for new collar careers.

The training of beneficiaries will begin in February 2021. Registrations are open at or alternatively by email to

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