Prodata Partners with Ericom to bring Next-Generation Web Security and Ransomware Prevention Solution to Market

Prodata, a leading value-added distributor of specialised hardware and software solutions, announced that it has extended its partnership with Ericom Software, a leader in cloud cybersecurity solutions for secure web and application access, to bring Ericom’s cloud-delivered Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) service to customers across the African continent.

Global adoption of Ericom’s RBI solution, delivered on the Ericom Global Cloud platform, has grown rapidly, driven by organization’s need to protect their remote teams and networks from the dramatic rise in web and email based cyberthreats. RBI is a key component of both the Zero Trust Security and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) cloud-based security architectures that enterprises are embracing to enable and secure their distributed workforces.

Prevention of ransomware attacks and zero-day browser exploits is at the top of the list for all CISOs and CIOs, and the nature of these threats continues to evolve. For example, in early January, Google’s Project Zero exploit research team published reports detailing a sophisticated cyber operation that targeted vulnerabilities in Chrome and Windows, installing malware to exploit weaknesses in web browser applications like Chrome to compromise endpoints. Traditional web and email security technologies, which try to block threats by scanning incoming traffic, struggle to identify these types of zero-day attacks. Unfortunately, this has led to an explosion of daily headlines covering successful ransomware attacks, data exfiltration, credential theft, phishing, and more.

“Ransomware and other browser-based exploits delivered via the web and email are the key issues that CISOs and CIOs are grappling with. Ericom’s award-winning Zero Trust RBI solution ‘air gaps’ endpoints from zero-day attacks executed by malicious websites that users visit whether they are simply browsing the web or clicking on URL links in phishing emails. It is an enterprise-class cloud security service that is simple to deploy and use for all users, regardless of location.”

Prodata’s Jay Bradley

Ericom Remote Browser Isolation uses a fundamentally different approach that prevents 100% of web-based ransomware, zero-day threats, and phishing attacks from reaching endpoints. The solution executes web content in a remote, isolated cloud-based container, sending only safe rendering information to a device’s browser, providing a fully interactive, seamless user experience. Whether users browse to a malicious site on their own or by clicking a URL embedded in a phishing email, they are completely safe since no web content is ever executed directly on their devices.

“Ericom Software is delighted to extend our relationship with Prodata, a partner that has a tremendous track record of enabling, developing and growing business through its customers. Their capabilities and services are a great match for innovative high-impact solutions like Ericom RBI and they will play a key role in ensuring that our mutual customers experience the full value of our cybersecurity solutions.”

Adam Greenblum, Sales Director, International, at Ericom Software

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