Tigo customers in Zanzibar can now pay water bills through Tigo Pesa

Tigo Tanzania has announced a partnership with Zanzibar Water Authority (Zawa), which enables Tigo Pesa customers to now pay their water bills with ease in Zanzibar.

Speaking during the launch, Tigo’s Chief Officer for Mobile Financial Services, Angelica Pesha said the venture is in line with the company’s strategy of making people’s lives easy by ensuring they adopt a digital lifestyle through deploying reliable payment solutions revolving around Tigo pesa to offer easy access to services and products.

“We are committed to improving people’s lives in every aspect of life through our fully fledged Tigo pesa platform that enables people to simply fulfil their daily needs. Our partnership with Zawa is another important milestone in ensuring that customers are able to pay their water bills at their convenience.”

Tigo’s Chief Officer for Mobile Financial Services, Angelica Pesha

She added “Contrary to the days of old, when one had to either que at the ZAWA offices or the inconvenience of water being cut off due to delayed bills, now with your phone you can be rest assured with water services since Tigo Pesa is in your phone.”

The ZAWA’s Director General, Mussa Ramadhan commended Tigo for the step taken to ensure that Zanzibar residents pay their bills with ease towards improving service delivery to the customers while ensuring efficiency in bills collection.

“Our mission is to develop and provide potable, adequate and affordable water supply services to our customers, so with Tigo Pesa it will increase efficiency and speed in bills collections while reducing the burden of unnecessary movements since all can be done with your phone.”

ZAWA’s Director General, Mussa Ramadhan

The solution is expected to speed up the efficiency in collection of income for the authority thus increasing its capacity in services provision including improvement of water infrastructures as well as widening its coverage within the Isles.

Arguably water is one of the important natural resource in pushing forward both home-based and economic activities. Zanzibar Water Authority plays a great role managing of water supply services to more than 1,161,915 beneficiaries in the Isles.

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