UK-Nigeria Tech Hub partners with Decagon for its developer placement programme

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Nigeria’s engineering training institute Decagon Digital have announced the pilot phase of their Developer Placement Programme.

The two plan to recruit and pair short-listed SMEs with 100 vetted software engineers to help SMEs build web apps while they gain experience.

All software engineers that intend to apply for the programme must have graduated from a recognised software engineering institute in Nigeria. For SMEs to be eligible apply to the programme, they must have a social impact projector product that needs developers to either scale or improve existing features. They must also have a senior engineer on their development team.

Honey Ogundeyi, Country Director of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, says the Developer Placement Programme is an opportunity to boost the growth of Nigeria’s tech ecosystem, promote innovation and strengthen Nigeria’s digital economy. 

“It will also support gender inclusion by promoting female participation in tech.”

Honey Ogundeyi, Country Director of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub

The founder and CEO of Decagon Institute, Chika Nwobi, stated that the programme is an exciting opportunity to build up the value chain for software engineers in Nigeria.

The deadline for applications for both developers and SMEs for the 3-months programme is 15 January 2021.


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