Ghana selects Netdragon to reach over 9 million students with online learning

NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited, a company involved in building internet communities, has announced that its subsidiary Edmodo has been selected by the Ministry of Education in Ghana as the exclusive online learning platform for the country’s K-12 education system.

Edmodo, a global online learning community, is expected to tap into more than 30,000 public and private schools in Ghana, reaching 9.3 million students and 450,000 teachers under the cooperation. This marks another milestone for NetDragon in making its education technology solutions available in countries along the Belt and Road, and once again demonstrates its commitment to promoting education equality across the globe.   

As an all-in-one solution for distance and blended learning, Edmodo empowers students and teachers with its assorted tools including live classes, backend analytic reports, educational games and classroom collaboration. Ghana’s Ministry of Education selected Edmodo based on its reputation, the success of its innovative global online learning platform, its user-friendliness and its willingness to collaborate and develop a platform that caters for the unique needs of Ghanaian students and teachers. The recognition by Ghana’s Ministry of Education serves as a validation to Edmodo’s exceptional quality in facilitating learning.

During the launch event of the partnership, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh (HON), Minister for Education of Ghana said that Edmodo was launched as an online portal to serve different school levels, where teachers, students and parents can all meet with each other at a click of a button. He said he hopes Edmodo will play an essential role in the transformation of the country’s education, and will close the gap between the haves and have-nots as it is available to all students.

Dr. Simon Leung, Vice Chairman of NetDragon, commented that the company has been cooperating with Ghana for some time. Back in 2019, the two parties had several close exchanges and signed a memorandum of cooperation on digitalized education. This partnership is the fruition of the exchanges between the two sides earlier. NetDragon is an internet company focused on technology and is dedicated to promoting digitalized education globally. Over the years, it has brought high-quality education technology solutions to countries along the Belt and Road and introduced to them abundant teaching resources according to their needs, in a bid to promote global education equality.

In recent years, NetDragon has been active in expanding its education business to overseas markets under the Belt and Road Initiative and has been well received by a growing number of African countries, which present huge demand for quality education resources. The partnership with Ghana comes after Edmodo was chosen by Egypt’s Ministry of Education as the designated online learning platform for its K-12 education system earlier this year following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Going forward, the company is anticipated to see more of such large-scale roll-outs in other African countries.

NetDragon will continue to capitalize on the opportunity to deepen its presence in Africa and promote digitalized education globally by leveraging its product and technology edge. The company will join hands with its partners to bring high-quality education to the world.

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