Canal+ and Qotto launch solar-powered TV offering in Benin

With Qotto Benin, Canal+ has acquired another partner for solar-powered television in Africa.

Both companies signed an agreement on 19 November 2020. The offer combines more than 175 channels and radios with the solar kit. The offer was presented at an official event in Cotonou.

The “Mivoo +” kit, a new offer from Qotto Benin and Canal+ will be available from December 2020. The solar home systems provider will use pay-as-you-go (pay-per-use) to facilitate the distribution of the “Mivoo +” kit to households in rural, per-urban and urban areas.

The system consists of a 100 W solar panel, two 480 Wh batteries, three LED bulbs and USB ports for recharging mobile phones. The “Mivoo” kit will be accompanied by a 22-inch television set, a Canal+ decoder and a satellite dish. The agreement will give the population the opportunity to obtain a three-year subscription to a “special” Canal+ package of 175 TV and radio channels.

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