Survey: Eutelsat’s 7/8° West is the predominant broadcast position for Egyptian TV homes

The findings of a new Egyptian television market survey, piublished by Eutelsat, confirms the 7/8° West hotspot as the most powerful neighborhood for satellite television for the country.

98% of TV homes in Egypt rely on satellite for television and 97% of these receive their signal from 7/8° West reaching 24.3 of the Egyptian population.

Egypt is one of the largest audiovisual markets in the MENA region, with 98% of homes having TV sets. 25.1 million homes, the majority of homes in the region, receive their channels via satellite. The region has seen an increase of 8% since 2017 in the number of homes receiving the channels and, 1.5 million increase in homes over the past 3 years that benefit from 7/8° West, as the preffered orbital position reaching 24.3 million homes and offering 78% of this reach exclusivity to receive their TV channels from 7/8° West.

The 7/8° West neighborhood is the only position with all the top 15 watched channels available free-to-air (FTA), making it particularly attractive to Egypt’s DTH market which is predominantly FTA (98%). A 900-channel, comprising of local, national and international channels, offers exclusivity of 70% to the Egyptian market, has been the driving force behind the 95% audience satisfaction rate from 7/8° West homes. There is also an expanding offer of High Definition content, with 230 HD channels broadcasting at 7/8° West in 2020.

“In the many years that Eutelsat has been operating within Egypt, we have seen the region’s dynamic video market strengthen and gather pace. With Eutelsat’s reinforced presence at the 7/8° West, we are delighted to provide that all-important quality and security of service expected to broadcasters, ensuring they reach the millions of TV homes within the region.”

Ghassan Murat, Regional Vice President MENA at Eutelsat

7/8° West the most reliable way to reach TV audiences in Egypt: Already present on the market for many years, Eutelsat operates two of the three satellites located at the 7/8° West position: EUTELSAT 7 West A and EUTELSAT 8 West B. This dual presence provides unparalleled security and guarantees service continuity for millions of Egyptian viewers, making Eutelsat the most reliable means for broadcasters to reach their TV audiences across MENA.

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