stc to deploy its 5G network in 71 cities in Saudi Arabia

stc has confirmed that it is working to reinforce its leadership in mobile coverage and to deploy the largest advanced 5G network in the MENA region.

The next stage will witness an expansion of deploying 5G network in more than 71 cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These development are the result of a continuous effort, on the part of stc, to enhance its network’s infrastructure and provide stc customers with connectivity diversity, coverage and reach. A major Infrastructure enhancement also including the expansion of the FTTH fiber optic network, delivering highest possible broadband speed and services to home and business users. In parallel, stc has been expanding its global Internet Gateway, progressively growing the capacity of the network. It has also been increasing the size of its content systems (Cache Engines), to address the increase in generated content data. stc has lately signed global agreements with leading international content companies, such as: Google, Facebook, Akamai and others. The ultimate objective for stc is to deliver the best and fastest possible service to stc customers.

Needless to say that, the new 5G network will open many possibilities for the creation of advanced “use cases” and novel services. 5G will revolutionize the way industry is run, and will change many aspects of the current life order: starting from smart home, smart city, health, education, sports, entertainment, etc. and including industry automation and business life in general.

stc is a market leader and a pioneer in new and advanced technology, and it will continue to pursue an aggressive 5G expansion, together with growth in its advanced 4G network. stc will bid to win as much of the available spectrum as possible in order to maximize the customer experience and provide a second-to-none service portfolio to our valued customers. To make sure we offer the best services to our deserving customer, stc also aspirationally developed a ground-breaking backbone network and all other related infrastructure. This of course is a basic tenet for us, inspired by KSA vision 2030 and driven by an ambitious stc DARE 2.0 strategy.

Eng. Haithem Al Faraj, SVP, Technology and Operations, stc

For the last years, stc has won the Saudi Arabia’s Speedtest Award for the fastest mobile network. stc also won the best 5G Coverage, best Mobile network and fastest 5G mobile network awards in Saudi Arabia. 

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