RingCentral announces global expansion

RingCentral, Inc. has announced that RingCentral Global Office™, a unified solution that includes team messaging, video meetings, and a cloud phone system, will be available in six continents including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

RingCentral is also announcing expansion into several countries — Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Slovenia, and South Africa.

RingCentral Global Office enables businesses to connect their mobile and distributed workforces across multiple countries with local phone numbers, PSTN access, and other capabilities. The unique capabilities available to customers include:

Licensing and Regulatory: Manages regulatory challenges on behalf of customers, enabling them to operate in compliance with local laws and regulations

Emergency Services: Automatically provides the caller’s location to emergency dispatchers

Security and Compliance: Provides robust security measures at every level of the architecture and processes, and support for regional certifications and frameworks such as ISO 27001, UK Cyber Essentials and complies with the German requirements of Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5)

Quality of Service and Service Level Agreement (SLA): Enables access to key operational Quality of Service metrics in near real-time to monitor the phone system’s global health and proactively diagnose and troubleshoot issues, backed by an industry-leading 99.999 percent SLA

Language localization: Enables users to seamlessly change language settings, setup multilingual IVRs, receive localized voice prompts, and more in over 10 languages

“When you expand a unified communications platform globally, it’s critical you meet all the local regulatory compliance, security, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) needs of those countries,” said Anand Eswaran, president and chief operating officer, RingCentral. “With RingCentral, customers can rest assured that they will get all the key capabilities to keep their global teams and customers connected. We are helping our customers move from legacy on-premise communications systems to the cloud with all the inherent benefits of reduced costs, higher flexibility, and increased capabilities.”

RingCentral offers its services via its cloud-based RingCentral Global Connect Network™, a redundant service delivery architecture built from the ground up and interconnects directly with service providers enabling RingCentral to provide carrier-grade reliability and quality of service globally. The RingCentral Global Connect Network is a purpose-built framework with the carrier peering relationships necessary to provide local service in various countries.

By handling the interconnects directly, RingCentral removes the burden on enterprise customers of setting up and managing on-premise systems in other countries. Unlike other cloud competitors, RingCentral does not lease lines or outsource service delivery to third parties.

For customers who have a presence in multiple countries, they have traditionally had the complex problem of managing multiple legacy phone systems and multiple carrier relationships. RingCentral eliminates the need for businesses having to manage this complexity with its single global platform. Customers can also leverage Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) in most of the world, which offers the customer flexibility to use another PSTN provider to power their RingCentral solutions. This brings the added benefit of extending RingCentral services to additional countries, flexible migration to the cloud at the customer’s pace, and the ability to leverage existing carrier contracts.

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