Cartrack launches Karu Safety – a powerful new app-based call for help

Cartrack, a global mobility solutions and essential safety and security services provider announced the launch of Karu Safety, a sophisticated and easily-accessible rapid response safety app for all.

The economic struggles caused by COVID-19, compounded by the increasing domestic violence particularly affecting women and children, has led to a tremendous increase in public safety concerns in the country. The Cartrack Group is actively making a difference by introducing worldclass innovation and technology as the solution to a safer South Africa. 

Karu Safety, powered by Cartrack, is a mobile app that dispatches emergency security assistance for people in their time of greatest need. Subscribers can access private security services at the touch of a button, and ensure fast and reliable safety support for themselves and their loved ones in a life-threatening situation. 

Cartrack’s founder and Group CEO, Zak Calisto, says the launch of Karu Safety was a natural evolution for the company, taking into account its world-class technology platform, the trust its customers have in the brand and the company’s recorded success in vehicle tracking and recovery. 

We’ve been in the software business for 16 years and consistently introduced ground-breaking innovations that have made significant contributions towards the growth of the industry globally. We have unparalleled experience and insight into the need of people living in South Africa for personal safety. We too are concerned with the growing safety concerns in our communities. We view this new service as our duty to respond to the dire call from the South African people for affordable and accessible safety. 

Cartrack’s founder and Group CEO, Zak Calisto

Cartrack has also seen the rate of vehicle theft and hijacking return to pre-lockdown levels, and in some cities, reaching record highs.  

“As a responsible corporate citizen and visionary in technology, we are compelled to get involved and lend our expertise and innovation towards making a positive contribution to the safety of our communities. Our commitment has always been to the safety of our customers and their vehicles, and we’re now extending that promise of trust to personal safety.”  

The Karu Safety app dispatches a rapid response team to your live location with the tap of a button. Once an emergency is activated on your phone, a 24/7 emergency control centre will immediately dispatch a response unit to your location. 

Karu Safety is connected to Cartrack’s existing robust and reliable national private security network, supported by its dedicated and exclusive tactical response teams. The interactive app is really easy to use, and available for download from the Android and IOS app stores.  

This app is available now to all Gauteng residents, with a rapid roll out to the rest of the country planned. Cartrack customers will receive this service for free, for 12 months, and thereafter will enjoy a subsidised fee of R19.95 per month. The monthly fee for any member of the public that is not yet a Cartrack customer is a most affordable R29.95 per month. 

Cartrack South Africa CEO, Harry Louw, says that Cartrack has developed a reputation for their highest audited vehicle recovery rate, and it is a natural extension to bring this expertise into protecting the public.

We want the public to know that we are here for them if they are in a situation that puts their safety at risk. We want all South Africans to feel safe and to know that they can get the help they need when they need it. We’re excited to bring safety and peace of mind to all South Africans, as easy as at the press of a button. 

Cartrack South Africa CEO, Harry Louw

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