Pinnacle extends Huawei distribution agreement further into Africa

Leading ICT distributor Pinnacle has extended its Huawei distribution agreement to include Botswana, Eswatini, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia.

Pinnacle’s Huawei Executive, Fred Saayman, Pinnacle

Huawei and Pinnacle initially commenced their partnership in 2015 and have seen some terrific growth in the past five years, including their now extended distribution agreement. In 2017, the partnership saw a 74% growth in revenue, and in 2018, the revenue growth more than tripled to 261%.

With the Pinnacle and Huawei team working closely together, there has been a major focus on the AirEngine WiFi-6, OceanStor Dorado and their recently launched IdeaHub. Pinnacle’s SADC Sales Manager, Roderick Pillay, is excited for the opportunities that this extension will be creating in the SADC regions. “The majority of our partners are not even aware that Pinnacle is one of the top players in this field and although the SADC regions have taken steps towards digital transformation already, they are not quite there yet.” 

The majority of large enterprises and government institutions within the SADC region started their digital transformation journey quite a few years ago, but as anyone who has embarked on this journey themselves would know, this is not an overnight process, but rather a five- to ten-year roadmap.

Pinnacle is excited about the fact that we can now assist these entities with their digital transformation journeys and hopefully make the transition as smooth as possible for them.

Pinnacle’s SADC Sales Manager, Roderick Pillay

With Pinnacle having embarked on this journey themselves numerous years ago, this is the perfect time for the company to assist their partners, being fully aware of the challenges they themselves faced. According to Pinnacle’s Huawei Executive, Fred Saayman, Pinnacle is extremely proud to be appointed as a regional distributor for Huawei into the African regions.

I have been part of Pinnacle and Huawei’s partnership since the induction in 2015 and this was the next step in strengthening our partnership. Pinnacle now supports Huawei in growing their footprint and business within the African continent and we are certain that this is going to be a prosperous journey ahead.

Pinnacle’s Huawei Executive, Fred Saayman, Pinnacle

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