Trust Payments partners with Wakanda Messenger to empower Africans around the world

Trust Payments has partnered with social network, messaging and e-commerce startup Wakanda Messenger to provide the payments element for their online marketplace and money remittance service.

Wakanda Messenger, developed by Kemit Kingdom, will be widely available on iPhone and Android from 15 October 2020. It has already launched its Beta app in Africa and Europe to a selected audience of 20,000 trial users.  

Wakanda Messenger has been established in response to the particular needs and economic issues faced by the African community around financial inclusion, unemployment, money remittance and e-commerce.  

The vision is to empower Africans with a powerful and independent network that we can call our own, developed by Africans for Africans. We are focused on solving social and economic problems rooted in Africa, so Wakanda Messenger will not only equip people in their daily life but also boost and transform businesses, improving quality of life for millions of people as well as dynamizing local economies. We selected Trust Payments as our payments partner primarily due to the personal service and the knowledge demonstrated through the whole process – from sales to technical support. Knowing that the payments element of our service has been handled professionally and smoothly gives us peace of mind and freedom to focus on the other aspects of our vision.

Jean-Jacques Elong, CEO and Founder of Kemit Kingdom

Wakanda Messenger is unique in that it provides multiple services to its users which they would normally need to sign up to several different platforms for. As well as the instant messaging and financial services, the online marketplace, One2One connects individuals looking for a service such asfood delivery, taxi, handyman, or courier. Booking and accepting bookings for such services are free of charges to the users, ultimately boosting local economies by facilitating job creation.  

Trust Payments is proud to be the exclusive payments technology partner to such a ground-breaking service. Through facilitating speedy and highly secure e-commerce payments and money transfers for users both inside and outside of Africa we are working hand in hand with Wakanda Messenger to help make a difference and create financial inclusion.

Jonathan O’Connor, Chief Commercial Officer at Trust Payments

Members of the app can be reassured by the security and privacy on offer to its members. Kemit Kingdom (K2) SA is a Swiss Financial Intermediary (SFI), affiliated to the OAR-G under FINMA supervision.  

The app has undergone a stringent process to ensure it complies with international KYC, AML, PSD2 and GDPR standards meaning members are shielded from fraud and data exploitation, and funds are protected.  

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