Infobip now “trusted partner” of the GSMA

The GSMA, the global association of telephone operators, announces that Infobip, a global specialist in cloud communications, has been awarded the status of a trusted partner in order to generate opportunities and increase the income of mobile operators using new identification technology digital.

A recent report from the Juniper Research Institute titled “Digital Identity: Technological Evolution, Regulatory Analysis and Forecasts 2019-2024” indicates that mobile authentication services that provide identity verification devices through SIM cards will generate more than US$7-billion for mobile telephone operators by 2024. This figure is up from the US$859-million expected in 2019, i.e a growth of over 800%.

At GSMA, we have seen strong market demand for identity data held by telephone operators. mobile, in particular as part of the fight against fraud and the improvement of the digital user experience. Our goal is to encourage operators to cooperate and disclose the data they hold, for the benefit of the entire ecosystem, whether they are brand users or their technological partners. We are convinced that Infobip has everything it takes to advance this cause.

Richard Cockle, Head of Identification, IoT and Big Data at GSMA

At the heart of the “ Identity Revenue Acceleration ” initiative is the concern to ensure that consumers win and see real progress in terms of the consumer experience. The objective is to ensure a maximum level of security during transactions, with as little friction as possible in the purchasing process.

Infobip offers an identification solution via mobile, Mobile Identity, which is already operational, which allows users to benefit from various Real-time verification, authorisation and fraud protection services to optimise the entire customer journey – from initial customer account creation to payment or any other form of transaction. Compliant with the GDPR, mobile identification is truly meant to protect the privacy of end users. Based on a ” user-centric ” approach placing the customer at the heart of concerns, the Infobip solution ensures that neither companies nor mobile operators learn anything new about the end user, apart from information that they already have.

It is clear that consumers are more and more comfortable carrying out transactions on their phones – in large part thanks to the strengthening of the mobile phone security and customer confidence. However, to meet the whole market, we need full coverage, to meet greater demand and provide increased revenue for all operators. solving this problem requires offering a standardised product offering to the market and aligning the posture of telephone operators with product strategy and privacy policies. We are honored and excited to have the opportunity to work so closely with the GSMA on this major initiative.

Hugues Trogan, Director of Strategy and Operator Partnerships at Infobip

Services based on mobile identification generally focus around authentication, authorisation, identification, fraud protection and all the devices that telephone operators can provide to enhance SIM cards, but also to with regard to silent mobile verification mechanisms, instant form filling, Know your Customer , protection against account hacking and account maintenance.

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