Tecnotree’s Digital Loyalty Manager selected by one of the largest operators in the Africa to boost customer loyalty

The company announced that a leading provider of mobile telecommunications services across Africa and the Middle East, has selected Tecnotree’s Digital Loyalty Manager (DLM) to be deployed in one of its largest operations in Africa.

The new purchase order is testament to Tecnotree’s long-standing partnership with the customer and is the latest among a series of digital transformation collaborations. This announcement further demonstrates Tecnotree’s capability to meet the business requirements of network operators with speed, agility and operational excellence.

In a highly competitive market, the introduction of loyalty programs is helping to increase customer retention and acquire new customers. We are delighted that our digital loyalty platform is being selected by multiple customers to reward their loyal customers with tailor-made reward programs, thus increasing customer engagement and reducing their propensity to churn. As more Tecnotree products are integrated into the operator’s workflows, the business will benefit from further automation and digitization, which will significantly reduce long-term cost and boost Customer Lifetime Value.

Padma Ravichander, Tecnotree CEO

With Tecnotree’s support, the customer is currently undergoing a major digital transformation project in Africa and DLM has been identified as the right solution to fulfill the requirement for Referral and Loyalty Management. It will enable the customer to launch various reward programs to enhance customer satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value. It is an open source, feature-rich solution that empowers marketing teams to manage referral and loyalty programs where they can easily develop, execute and track the progress of various initiatives with the help of a user-friendly interface.

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