SDS in partnership with ZainCash Iraq completes disbursement of COVID-19 emergency relief in Iraq

SDS, in partnership with ZainCash Iraq, a leader in fintech within the region, has completed disbursement of COVID-19 emergency relief funds to the Iraqi population.

The order worth SEK 1.2 million, from ZainCash Iraq, included a software license extension and contributed to revenue in the second quarter of this year. It is the first time SDS, with the help of its technology, supports a government with cashless transactions. 

Despite numerous challenges, we carried out a successful disbursement project with the support of the SDS team and platform. The project provided essential relief in seriously impacted regions and required flexibility and a significant increase in capacity. We are glad to have had SDS as a business partner throughout this process. 

Yazen Altimimi, CEO of ZainCash Iraq

Due to the economic decline following the global spread of COVID-19, the Iraqi government put in place swift measures to support economic activity. Emergency relief funds for one million households were approved, aimed towards assisting people to continue the fulfillment of basic needs despite being significantly hit financially due to the outbreak of COVID-19.  

ZainCash Iraq was chosen to manage the distribution of funds and SDS platform for mobile financial services facilitated swift access to finances. Going forward, this technology will also help kickstart and accelerate sustainable development through the fintech innovation ecosystem. 

Our mobile financial platform backing Zain Cash continues to demonstrate the full benefits of digital transactions, especially under the exceptional crisis situation where physical contact must be avoided. We are proud to be on the front line of this battle against COVID-19 by contributing to the well-being and safety of the population. Our solution is robust and scalable and supports the need to rapidly digitize transactions. We are looking forward to supporting other customers and governments to put in place similar solutions. 

Tommy Eriksson, CEO of SDS AB

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