T-Systems helps SAP to drive Healthcare Digital Transformation in SA

By the end of 2019, T-Systems reached a milestone of successfully launching SAP healthcare solutions at over 33 hospitals across South Africa.

With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 37 500 employees, and external revenue of 6.8 billion euros (2019), T-Systems International (TSI), part of ICT giant Deutsche Telekom, is one of the world’s leading vendor independent providers of digital services headquartered in Germany (Europe).

T-Systems South Africa (TSSA) has a proud 23-year history in South Africa, having first invested in the country in 1997. As a level one B-BBEE contributor, our competitive advantage is through delivering world-class services and standards while adapting to the unique needs, priorities and expectations of our clients and partners in South Africa.

Since 2010, T-Systems South Africa has deployed innovative end-to-end solutions that manage every aspect of the healthcare business while meeting local and international regulations, standards and best practice. The T-Systems Healthcare Digital Solutions Footprint is underpinned by the company’s four key focus areas to deliver customer value, namely: Connectivity, digital, cloud and infrastructure, and security.

Through a combination of technology expertise, experience, know-how and industry knowledge, T-Systems is propelling the healthcare industry into a new digital era that introduces unprecedented innovations and ground-breaking efficiencies. Take just three examples: a patient monitoring their own vital signs using a smartphone; a physician having access to medical records via a tablet on their ‘rounds’; and the exchange of information and insights between medical experts during a videoconference. IT systems can be employed to digitally model medical, nursing and administrative processes – not just as an end in itself but to also cut costs, accelerate workflows and improve patient care.

T-Systems’ global healthcare experience

T-Systems International has implemented many successful instances of healthcare-specific solutions in countries across the world. For decades, the company has been successfully running healthcare facility functions, end-to-end, using robust, fully integrated solutions. While we can all appreciate that healthcare is a critically important industry sector, T-Systems is committed to facilitating modernisation and innovation through the roll-out of comprehensive Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and has a number of case studies and testimonials to support its success in this sector.

T-Systems South Africa leading SAP healthcare solution implementation

In South Africa, T-Systems is a leader in rolling out solutions addressing the need for digital health transformation in both the public and private sector. By the end of 2019, T-Systems reached a milestone of successfully launching SAP healthcare solutions at over 33 hospitals across South Africa. Fifteen out of the top 20 hospitals in South Africa run its SAP healthcare suite and more than 55 healthcare companies run SAP in Africa. These solutions cover every aspect from financials, logistics, clinical information systems to human capital management and ancillary solutions that complete automation of every business process in healthcare operations.

Using the i.s.h.med template approach (a clinical information system that is fully integrated with SAP healthcare software), T-Systems has rolled out SAP ERP; SAP HCM; SAP ISH (Industry Specific for HealthCare Patient Management and Patient Accounting) as well as Cerner i.s.h.Med to 33 hospitals in South Africa as well as one hospital in Botswana. These hospitals belong to different hospital groups.

T-Systems’ healthcare solution has streamlined processes and enhanced the efficiency of fundamental hospital operations. These include patient admission and scheduling; ordering of medical products and pharmaceuticals; staffing; financial and cost accounting; as well as data recording and sharing. The solution helps providers integrate end-to-end processes across the entire organisation, simplifying and coordinating everything from admission planning to analytics.

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