LS Telcom secures EUR 5.3 mln order from regulatory authorities of two African countries

Regulatory authorities of two African countries each commissioned the company to deliver a system for national radio frequency management, the so-called Spectrum Management.

With these systems the regulators will, among other things, award and manage the licences for new mobile networks. In order to ensure that the license conditions are complied with at each transmission site and that the radio transmitters do not cause interference to other users, LS telcom AG is also to supply a comprehensive national radio monitoring system in one of the countries.

The importance of the use of the radio spectrum has grown steadily in recent years. New technologies, broadband services, digitization and automation projects in industry and also in the private sector are leading to a significantly increasing number of users and devices, all of which rely on highly available, reliable, interference-free connectivity via wireless networks. National spectrum management, which means not only the optimized allocation and assignment of the limited national radio spectrum resource, but also includes the control of the actual use of these radio frequencies by continuous high quality radio monitoring, is therefore immensely important for a country’s economy. Last but not least, especially in the current times of the Covid-19 pandemic, good radio coverage is essential for broadband services to support distributed working as much as possible, but also for the dissemination of information to people via regular audio and TV broadcasting services.

 We are all the more pleased about the acquisition of these two new customers and the contracts that have now been concluded, as the Corona pandemic meant that we had to conduct the entire negotiations remotely via telephone and video conferences. The delivery and installation of these systems under the current pandemic conditions remains a challenge, but we will successfully overcome these potential hurdles by involving our regional subsidiaries and local partners where necessary.

Dr. Manfred Lebherz, Spokesman of the Executive Board of LS telcom AG

The LS telcom Group is a leader in terms of both technology and the number of installations of integrated spectrum management and radio monitoring systems worldwide.

The African market has played an important role for LS telcom for many years. LS telcom has already successfully implemented projects here with customers in 24 countries. These two new customers further extend the international reach of the LS telcom Group with customers globally in well over 100 countries.

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