Covid-19: Arabsat launches a new satellite initiative to help the Educational, Medical, Informative, and Civil initiative

Arab Satellite Communications Organization – Arabsat – announced the launch of a new initiative to enhance its contributions to the efforts in the fight against Corona Virus (Covid-19).

The company is putting its satellites in service of the health, educational and civil defense sectors in the Arab countries, to help them broadcast educational content for all students at home , and deliver raising- awareness messages to the public from its official sources.

Khaled Balkheyour, President & CEO of Arabsat, said, “Arabsat believes in its social responsibility and the need to unite to eradicate this epidemic, and move with our societies towards a safe and healthy space soon, that’s why we put all of Arabsat capabilities in the service of that purpose. We wish everyone health and wellness.”

It is worth noting that Arabsat broadcasts many educational and cultural channels. Among the most prominent of these channels is the Ministry of Education bouquet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which includes 14 educational channels for all grades exclusively on Arabsat satellites.

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