Mastercard and Netcash offering QR code billing service for SMEs

Consumers can now pay for services from thousands of small businesses, schools, and non-profit organisations by scanning a QR code with their mobile phone.

Payment solutions provider Netcash has collaborated with Mastercard to launch Quick Response (QR) code payments across its multi-channel billing platform, as part of its efforts to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) collect revenue more effectively. This QR payment system will meet the demand of today’s connected consumers who are increasingly seeking easy and contactless ways to pay their bills during social distancing.

Netcash processes two million bills annually for a wide range of small merchants, including schools, non-profit organisations and tradesmen. Through the collaboration with Mastercard, Netcash will enable these merchants to accept card payments from select Masterpass-enabled digital wallets across various channels including physical or digital invoices, eCommerce sites as well as at Point of Sale.

Consumers can pay their bills by scanning the QR code with any Masterpass digital wallet, the Scan to Pay functionality in the Nedbank or FNB banking apps or with Zapper. They then select the payment card they would like to use and enter their bank card’s ATM PIN or One Time PIN number to authorise payment. Their account will be updated immediately.

We are proud to partner with Netcash at a time when small businesses and merchants need an affordable payments solution to meet consumer needs as they are increasingly looking for contactless ways to settle their bills during this time of social distancing.

Suzanne Morel, Country Manager for Mastercard, South Africa

“This also frees South Africans from having to withdraw cash, hand over their payment card, or load a new beneficiary onto internet banking. Now they can pay for an extensive range of services and bills, anywhere, anytime they want simply by scanning a QR code.”

QR code payments forms part of Netcash’s strategy to offer its customers a wide choice of convenient payment options across channels, improve revenue collection, speed up payments and achieve efficiencies.

We are using the latest technologies to make it as easy as possible for SMEs to collect revenue from their customers. Offering a selection of seamless payment options that can be used across channels such as mobile, eCommerce, and in the face-to-face retail environment is an important part of achieving that goal.

Charles Pittaway, Managing Director at Netcash

“Our strategic partnership with Mastercard allows anyone with a mobile device to process secure online payments by simply scanning the QR code on their bill and following the on-screen prompts. This is in addition to the 3D secure credit card payments already available through Mastercard, including the ability to process cash payments powered by Masterpass.”

Netcash will automatically enable QR payments across its suite of invoicing services, through its integrated accounting and ERP software. For example, Sage Accounting software can now produce an invoice that will display a QR code linked to that specific document, which will automate the reconciliation process once payment is made.

The Masterpass checkout service will also be offered to any business considering customised integration to internal billing systems though Netcash’s Application Programming Interface (API), and to Point of Sale software companies to produce on-screen or printed QR codes on bills.

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